Nikos the Impaler

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Nikos the Impaler
Directed by Andreas Schnaas
Produced by Andreas Schnaas
Joe Zaso
Written by Ted Geoghegan
Starring Joe Zaso
Felissa Rose
Andreas Schnaas
Distributed by RatPack Independent Films
Release date
  • March 8, 2003 (2003-03-08) (Weekend of Fear Festival)
Running time
126 minutes
Language English
Budget $40,000 USD

Nikos the Impaler is a 2003 b-grade splatter film directed by and starring German arteur Andreas Schnaas. It follows a reincarnated Romanian barbarian (Schnaas) as he wreaks havoc on modern day New York City. It was released in some territories as Violent Shit 4.[1]


College professor Frank Heller (Joe Zaso) and his girlfriend Sandra (Felissa Rose) lead a ragtag group of museum patrons in a race for their lives. After a botched robbery attempt spills blood on the ancient mask of Nikos a lu Unziceanu (Schnaas), the barbarian returns to kill off virtually anyone who crosses his path. After wiping out the denizens of the art museum, the maniac turns his sights on a health club, gay bar, movie theater, and video store.



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