Nikos Sergianopoulos

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Nikos Sergianopoulos
Νίκος Σεργιανόπουλος
Born Nikolaos Sergianopoulos
(1958-01-29)29 January 1958
Drama, Greece
Died 4 June 2008(2008-06-04) (aged 50)
Pangrati, Athens, Greece
Other names Nikos Seryanopoulos, Nikos Seryiannopoulos
Occupation Actor

Nikos Sergianopoulos (Greek: Νίκος Σεργιανόπουλος; 29 January 1958 – 4 June 2008), surname also spelled as Seryanopoulos or Seryiannopoulos, was a Greek actor.

Early life and career[edit]

Born in Drama, Greece, he graduated from the State Theater of Northern Greece (ΚΘΒΕ) and was a founding member of the Piramatiki Skini Tehnis artwork club in Thessaloniki. He took part in numerous theatrical and television productions and gained recognition for his role in the popular television series of Mega Channel Dyo Xenoi (1997–98).


Sergianopoulos was found murdered in his apartment on the morning of 4 June 2008, in Pagkrati, a central district of Athens. According to police evidence he was a victim of homicide, suffering a total of twenty-one stab wounds.[1] His apartment was found in disarray and the number of beer bottles and drinks glasses at the scene suggested Sergianopoulos had visitors the previous day. His front door was not damaged; a fact that suggests that the murderers already knew the victim and had entered with his consent. Police believe the attack was carried out by two people.[2] The fact that Sergianopoulos had been arrested for drug possession in the Kolonos area in December 2007 may be related to the murder.[3]

Relatives, as well as colleagues and local people, attended his funeral on 6 June 2008, in his hometown, Drama.[4]

A Georgian native was arrested on 25 July in Kolonos and subsequently confessed to the murder. He stated that he had attacked Sergianopoulos after his rejection of the actor's advances turned violent.[5] The man was charged with premeditated murder, robbery, weapon possession and illegal entry into Greece.[6]


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