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The church of Saint Vincent

Nil-Saint-Vincent-Saint-Martin is a former municipality in the province of Walloon Brabant, Belgium. In 1976 it became part of the municipality of Walhain.[1]

The villages of Nil-Saint-Vincent and Nil-Saint-Martin were merged in 1812.[2] 'Nil' is the name of a small river, along whose valley the various areas of settlement (Nil-Pierreux, Nil-Saint-Vincent, Nil-Saint-Martin) lie.

Tiège windmill


Nil-Saint-Vincent-Saint-Martin has several notable landmarks.

The Tiège windmill[edit]

The Tiège windmill was built in 1834 by the Thienpont family. It was used until June 23, 1946[3] and today is a listed building (monument classé).

Monument at the geographical centre of Belgium

The centre of Belgium[edit]

The Institut Géographique National, the Belgian national cartographical service, calculated that the geographical centre of Belgium lay in Nil-Saint-Vincent.[4] The architect Bernard Defrenne built a monument for this location, which was inaugurated on August 22, 1998.[4] It is located at coordinates 50°38′28″N 4°40′05″E / 50.64111°N 4.66806°E / 50.64111; 4.66806 (Geographical centre of Belgium).[5]


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Coordinates: 50°38′21″N 4°40′21″E / 50.639037°N 4.67258°E / 50.639037; 4.67258