Nilambur–Shoranur line

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Nilambur–Shoranur line
Nilambur Railway Station.jpg
Nilambur railway station
Type Express train
Passenger train
System Southern Railway
Status Operational
Locale Malappuram , Palakkad
Coordinates 11°16′57″N 176°15′04″E / 11.2824°N 176.2511°E / 11.2824; 176.2511Coordinates: 11°16′57″N 176°15′04″E / 11.2824°N 176.2511°E / 11.2824; 176.2511
Termini Nilambur Road (NIL)
Shoranur Junction (SRR)
Stations 11
Services 7
Opened 1927; 91 years ago (1927)
Owner Indian Railways
Operator(s) Southern Railway zone
Rolling stock ICF coaches
Line length 66 kilometres (41 mi)
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Electrification No
Operating speed 65 kilometres per hour (40 mph)
Route map
0.0 Nilambur Road
10.6 Vaniyambalam
14.9 Thodiyappulam
19.2 Tuvvur
25.6 Melattur
32.8 Pattikkad
38.4 Angadipuram
NH 213
45.5 Cherukara
Mappattukara Rail Bridge
52.1 Kulukkallur
55.7 Vallapuzha
61.8 Vadanamkurishshi
 Palakkad Junction Right arrow 
66.1 Shoranur Junction
 Left arrow Kozhikode 
Down arrow Thrissur

Nilambur–Shoranur line is a 66 kilometres (41 mi) long single line, non-electrified broad gauge (1676 mm) railway spur branch line of the Indian Railways connecting Nilambur Road railway station in Malappuram district with Shoranur Junction in Palakkad district[1] in the state of Kerala. It is a branch line administered by the Palakkad railway division of the Southern Railway zone and one of the shortest broad gauge railway lines in India.[1]


In 1840, the British created a teak plantation in Nilambur to ensure a steady supply of timber for their various needs.[2] In 1923, the South Indian Railway Company, which operated the Madras–Shoranur–Mangalore line, was contracted by the Madras Presidency to build a railway from Nilambur to Shoranur to ensure easy transportation of timber from these forests to the plains and hence to ports and onward transportation. The company completed line in stages. The Shoranur–Angadippuram (Perinthalmanna) section was opened on 3 February 1927, Angadippuram–Vaniyambalam on 3 August 1927 and the entire stretch from Shoranur to Nilambur was opened on 26 October 1927. During World War II, the Shoranur line, along with other numerous railway lines across British India were dismantled and rolling stock diverted to the Middle East to help British war efforts. The line ceased to exist in 1941. After independence, following public pressure, the railway line was reconstructed by the Indian Railways along its original alignment. The Shornur -Angadipuram line re-opened in 1953[3] and Angadipuram - Nilambur in 1954[4]. The teak plantation still stands today as a major tourist attraction.


The Shoranur–Nilambur line starts from Shoranur junction and terminates at Nilambur Road railway station, located at a distance of four kilometers from Nilambur town on the Kozhikode-Ooty highway,[1] 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the district headquarters of Malappuram town.[5] The line passes through the eastern part of the Malappuram district. It crosses Kunthippuzha between Kulukkalloor and Cherukara which borders Palakkad and Malappuram districts. Velliyar river, a major tributary of Kadalundi river (between Pattikkad and Melattur), Olippuzha river, another tributary of Kadalundi river (between Melattur and Tuvvur) and Kuthirappuzha, a tributary of Chaliyar river (between Vaniyambalam and Nilambur road) are other major rivers that this line crosses.

No. Station Name[6] Station Code [6] Coordinates
1 Shoranur Junction SRR 10°45′34″N 76°16′20″E / 10.759524°N 76.272237°E / 10.759524; 76.272237
2 Vadanamkurishshi VDKS 10°47′16″N 76°15′10″E / 10.787665°N 76.252691°E / 10.787665; 76.252691
3 Vallapuzha VPZ 10°50′25″N 76°15′09″E / 10.840400°N 76.252420°E / 10.840400; 76.252420
4 Kulukkallur KZC
5 Cherukara CQA 10°55′54″N 76°13′35″E / 10.93169°N 76.226357°E / 10.93169; 76.226357
6 Angadipuram AAM 10°58′52″N 76°12′29″E / 10.981228°N 76.207931°E / 10.981228; 76.207931
7 Pattikkad PKQ 11°01′16″N 76°13′55″E / 11.021027°N 76.232082°E / 11.021027; 76.232082
8 Melattur MLTR 11°03′42″N 76°16′16″E / 11.061734°N 76.271203°E / 11.061734; 76.271203
9 Tuvvur TUV 11°07′14″N 76°16′59″E / 11.120533°N 76.283178°E / 11.120533; 76.283178
10 Thodiyappulam TDPM
11 Vaniyambalam VNB 11°11′18″N 76°15′37″E / 11.188348°N 76.260164°E / 11.188348; 76.260164
12 Nilambur Road NIL 11°16′57″N 76°15′04″E / 11.282541°N 76.251147°E / 11.282541; 76.251147

Railway stations on the Shoranur–Nilambur Road line are supported by small buildings and the platforms are low and short, located among thick vegetation that reaches close to the track throughout the stretch.[citation needed] Teak and Banyan trees are common, with overhanging roots of Banyan trees present on many station platforms, with the tree canopy completely covering many stations. The Nilambur Road railway station itself offers a views against the backdrop of the Western Ghats.[citation needed]


Services on the Shoranur–Nilambur Road line consist of six pairs of passenger trains and one express train, all run daily. Four of passenger trains run between Shoranur and Nilambur, while one pair each run to Nilambur from Palakkad and Ernakulam. The lone express train is the 16349/16350 Thiruvananthapuram–Nilambur Road–Thiruvananthapuram Rajya Rani Express which runs combined with the 16344/16343 Thiruvananthapuram–Palakkad Town–Thiruvananthapuram Amrita Express between Shoranur and Thiruvananthapuram. Locomotives used on the line are the WDM2, WDM3A, WDG3A from the Ernakulam Diesel Loco shed. The timings of trains are as given below

Shoranur–Nilambur Road train timings


Train Name Source Timings at

Shoranur Jn

Timings at

Nilambur Road

16349 Rajya Rani Express TVC 0605 0720
56611 Palakkad–Nilambur Passenger PGT 0700 0840
56613 Shoranur–Nilambur Passenger SRR 0920 1055
56362 Kottayam–Nilambur Passenger KTYM 1130 1300
56617 Shoranur–Nilambur Passenger SRR 1505 1640
56619 Shoranur–Nilambur Passenger SRR 1705 1840
56621 Shoranur–Nilambur Passenger SRR 1930 2110
Nilambur Road–Shoranur train timings
Train No Train Name Timings at

Nilambur Road

Timings at

Shoranur Jn

56612 Shoranur Passenger 0650 0830 SRR
56614 Shoranur Passenger 0910 1045 SRR
56616 Shoranur Passenger 1115 1255 SRR
56363 Kottayam Passenger 1455 1630 KTYM
56610 Palakkad Passenger 1700 1825 PGT
56620 Shoranur Passenger 1910 2050 SRR
16350 Rajya Rani Express 2040 2200 TVC

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