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1908 Niles advertisement

The Niles Car and Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturer of railroad equipment, including many streetcar and interurban cars.[1][page needed] It was founded in 1901 in Niles, Ohio and published catalogs showcasing their various cars.[2]

Niles specialized in building wooden-bodied cars in the heyday of interurban building.[1][page needed] Its cars had a reputation of being well-built and stylish; Niles advertising called them "The Electric Pullmans."[3][4]

The company also produced equipment for the trucking industry, an industry reference citing 2 models of 1 and 2 tons respectively, costing $1500 to $2400, utilizing a worm drive and custom bodies to suit.[5]

The company ceased producing railroad cars in 1917. The plant and equipment were purchased by the Engel Aircraft Company to produce aircraft parts for the United States Army Signal Corps.[6][7]


Niles' clients included[1][page needed] the:


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