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The Nilgiri Express at Chennai Central
Nilagiri (Blue Mountain) Express Route map

The Nilgiri Express (Also known as the Blue Mountain Express, or Nilagiri Express) is a night express train service operating between Chennai Central and Mettupalayam, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India.[1] It is operated by Indian Railways.


This train is named after the Nilgiri (Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit: English - (Nil - Blue; giri - Mountain)) Hills. The train is primarily intended for travellers to these hills, especially to the towns of Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. Mettupalayam is near Coimbatore, which is at the foot of these hills, and the Nilgiri Express links to the Nilagiri passenger train operated by the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) at Mettupalayam station, enabling passengers to complete the journey to Udagamandalam by rail. Mettupalayam also has numerous road links to various parts of the Nilgiri hills via the Nilgiri Ghat Roads.

Rake till 1997-98[edit]

This train had a dark blue colored rake with white stripes above and below the windows, distinctly spottable from other trains till 1997/98 when all the other trains had Maroon/brick colored coaches.When the rake color of the other train changed for conversion to Vacuum brakes even this train got the same color as the other trains

Train Numbers[edit]

There is a daily overnight service in both directions. Train number 12671 runs from Chennai Central to Mettupalayam, while train number 12672 runs from Mettupalayam to Chennai Central.

Stops and Distance Covered[edit]

  1. Chennai Central (0 km)
  2. Arakkonam (69 km)
  3. Katpadi Junction(130 km)
  4. Salem Junction (334 km)
  5. Erode Junction (396 km)
  6. Tiruppur (446 km)
  7. Coimbatore North Junction(494 km)
  8. Coimbatore Junction (497 km)
  9. Mettupalayam (532 km)[2]

Booking Quota[edit]

The train is intended for travellers to and from the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. Though the train does not enter the district, the main towns in the Nilgiris have designated seats and berths on this train allocated for sale at local booking offices. Ooty, Coonoor, Wellington, Aruvankadu, Ketti, Kotagiri and Gudalur all have this provision. Notably, the latter two do not even have any rail connectivity.

Loco Links[edit]

The train is hauled by an Erode/Royapuram WAP4 or a Royapuram WAP7 electric locomotive from Chennai Central to Coimbatore Junction and the reverse journey. At Coimbatore, there is a loco reversal. The 38 km long Coimbatore-Mettupalayam stretch was recently electrified, and the same locomotive is used to haul the train in this section in both directions.

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