Niloufer Hospital

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Niloufer Hospital
Government of Telangana
Location Hyderabad, India
Affiliated university N.T.R. Health University
Emergency department yes

Niloufer Hospital had been housed in a magnificent building in the heart of historic Hyderabad has an interesting past. The reputed institution founded in 1949 by the benevolent Princess Niloufer, who was the daughter of Ottoman Empire of Turkey, married prince Moazzam Jah, the son of seventh Nizam (the last of the Asaf Jahi rulers) of Hyderabad in 1931. That was the story of a lovable dream of a French princess who had the liking to serve the poor surprisingly in India like Florence nightingale, who also took to serving the poor as a nurse.

According to information the hospital was the first to have set up a separate Neonatal unit for women, which makes crystal clear that the founder had a vision and clear motive for starting a hospital with view to serving specifically the women. That is the specialty of this hospital. Ironically today in the hospital premises hundreds of women and their patients throng in the front yard. The poor squat literally on the floor. Less said the better about the inside. Of course there is a bright side to it also with well maintained wards.

Much has been expected by princess Niloufer as she landed here but precious little has been done to mitigate the sufferings of the poor.Her philanthropy and sympathy for the poor and the sick took the form of this modern temple. The prestigious Institute Niloufer Hospital was intended to serve, care and nurture many a sick, sane and critical cases.

The hospital has a hoary past. In 1953 what began as a 100 bed hospital with a specific vision to meet the health requirements of both mother and child, was destined to progress with no backward looking. Initially the authorities had an unnerving and unstinting efforts. The hospital fleet enhanced its occupancy to 500 beds with advanced maternity, pediatric, pediatric surgery supported by excellent diagnostic facilities.



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