Nils Larsen

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Larsen on Peter I Island in 1929

Nils Larsen (19 June 1900 – 29 September 1976) was a Norwegian sea captain. Larsen is perhaps most associated with the Norvegia expeditions of Antarctica.[1]

Larsen was born in Sandar, and became a noted whaler, captaining a number of whaling ships principally for Thor Dahl A/S of Sandefjord.[2] He also served as a first mate on Norvegia expeditions of Antarctica financed by Norwegian whale-ship owner Lars Christensen. During these expeditions, Norway achieved annexation of Bouvet Island (1927) and Peter I Island (1929).[3][4]

Larsen died in Sandefjord, at the age of 76. Geographical areas in Antarctica named after him include: Mount Nils Larsen (Queen Maud Land), Mount Nils (Enderby Land) and Nils Larsen Glacier (Peter I Island).[1]


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