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Nils Lindberg (born 11 June 1933 in Uppsala) is a Swedish composer and pianist.

Lindberg belongs to a family of musicians from Gagnef, Dalecarlia, where he lives. He studied classical composition at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm with Lars-Erik Larsson and Karl-Birger Blomdahl.

Lindberg is known both as a jazz composer and musician, but also as active within other styles. Several of his works are written in a style combining elements of jazz, Swedish folk music and classical music.

He was awarded the Jussi Björling scholarship in 1990 and the medal Litteris et Artibus in 2006.


  • Sax Appeal (1960)
  • Trisection (1963)
  • Contradictions (club jazz 1) (1970)
  • 7 dalmålningar (1973)
  • Reflections (1975)
  • Saxes galore (1979)
  • Brass galore (1981)
  • Big band galore (1984)
  • O Mistress mine (1990)
  • Melody in blue (1993)
  • Requiem (1994)
  • Alone with my melodies (1995)
  • A Church Blues For Alice (1998)
  • Third saxes galore (2000)
  • The sky, the flower and a lark (2001)


  • Swedish Folk Tunes from Dalecarlia - Andrew Canning, church organ, Uppsala Cathedral Choir, Milke Falck Proprius, PRSACD 2032 (2004)
  • Timeless - Dalecarlian Paintings - Jan Allan, trumpet, Putte Wickman, clarinet, Arne Domnérus, alto saxophone, Bjarne Nerem, tenor saxophone, Anders Lindskog, tenor saxophone, Erik Nilsson, baritone saxophone, Torgny Nilsson, trombone, Jan Allan, trumpet, alto horn, Nils Lindberg, piano, organ, conductor, Björn Alke, bass, Sture Nordin, bass, Roman Dylag, bass, Fredrik Norén, drums, Nils-Erik Slörner, drums, The Fresk Quartet, Sockentrio from Rattvik, Swedish Radio Orchestra Prophone, PCD 081 (2005)
  • As We Are - Nils Lindberg, piano, Margareta Bengtson, vocals, Jan Allan, trumpet, Anders Paulsson, soprano saxophone, Saxes Galore (All music by Nils Lindberg, except tracks 9 and 10) Prophone, PCD 094 (2008)
  • Speglingar - Mytologiska bilder Anders Paulson, soprano saxophone, Dalasinfoniettan, Bjarne Engeset Swedish Society Discofil, SCD 1140 (2008)


  • As You are, Music Memories (2006), Swedish, 168 pages, Stockholm: Svenskt visarkiv, Jazz Department at The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, 0281-5567 ; 17 ISBN 91-85374-43-1


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