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Nils Roll-Hansen (born 1938) is a historian and philosopher of 19th and 20th century biology at University of Oslo. He is the author of four books and many academic articles.[1] His book "The Lysenko Effect" was praised in Nature.[2] He is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.[3]


  • The Lysenko Effect: The Politics Of Science. (Humanity Books, December 2004) ISBN 1-59102-262-2
  • (co-author Gunnar Broberg), Eugenics And the Welfare State: Sterilization Policy in Demark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland (Uppsala Studies in History of Science, Nov 2005)
  • Reductionism in biological research: Three historical case studies. (1979)
  • Forskningens frihet og nødvendighet: Pasteurs teorier i vekst og forfall (Fakkel-bøkene)


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