Nils Turesson Bielke

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Baron Nils Turesson Bielke
Porträtt. Nils Bielke - Skoklosters slott - 87271.tif
Swedish Estonia
In office
Preceded by Moritz Stensson Leijonhufvud
Succeeded by Axel Nilsson Ryning
Governor-General of Finland of the Swedish Empire
In office
Preceded by Office created
Succeeded by Gabriel Oxenstierna
Personal details
Born (1569-11-05)November 5, 1569
Hörningsholm, Sweden
Died December 17, 1639(1639-12-17) (aged 70)
Spouse(s) Ingeborg Oxenstierna
Children Ture Bielke,
Sigrid Bielke,
Christina Bielke,
Carin Bielke,
Gustaf Bielke,
Svante Bielke,
Brita Bielke,
Sten Bielke,
Occupation Statesman

Nils Turesson Bielke (5 November 1569 – 1639), was a Swedish statesman, member of the privy council, son of Ture Pedersson Bielke.


Nils Turesson Bielke was an ardent supporter of Duke Carl which rewarded his fidelity in 1602 when he became Kansliråd, deputy director of the kingdom; in 1605 he became governor of Tallinn and its province, in 1606 member of privy council and in 1608 judge. In addition, both he and his brother were raised to rank of barons.

Treaty of Knäred[edit]

He was a Swedish delegate at the peace negotiations which preceded the peace of Knäred in the 1613 after the Kalmar War.


In 1614 he became assessor of Svea Court of Appeal, based in Stockholm. In 1623 first president of Turku Appellate court and governor of Finland

Personal life[edit]

In the 1605 Nils Turesson Bielke married Ingeborg Oxenstierna, they had eight sons:

  1. Ture Bielke (1606-1648)
  2. Sigrid Bielke (1607-1634) married count Åke Henriksson Tottiga (1598-1640)
  3. Christina Bielke (1609-1609)
  4. Carin Bielke (1612-1694) married in 1641 Axel Banériga (1594-1642)
  5. Gustaf Bielke (1618-1661)
  6. Svante Bileke (1620-1645)
  7. Brita Bielke (- -1669) married in Stockholm Gustaf Banériga (1618-1689)
  8. Sten Bielke