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Nilus /ˈnlʊs/, in Greek mythology, was the son of Oceanus and Tethys. He represented the god of the Nile river itself and was father to several children. Of these included Memphis (mother of Libya by Epaphus a king of Egypt), as well as a son named Nilus Ankhmemiphis (the father of Anchinoe and Telephassa)[citation needed].

His granddaughter Libya in turn became mother to Belus and Agenor. These sons then married (presumably) younger daughters of his son Nilus named Anchiroe and Telephassa respectively. His other children include: Chione, Anippe, and (possibly) Caliadne and Polyxo. Representing the Nile, Nilus's overall importance in Greek mythology is very small. Had he been an Egyptian god his importance would have been much greater.