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Nim Vind
Nim Vind 2016233184810 2016-08-20 Summer Breeze - Sven - 1D X II - 0569 - AK8I7465 mod.jpg
Background information
OriginVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nv Music
MembersNim Vind–Vocals and Guitars
Anthony Kilz–Drums and Vocals
Other Members
Robbie K–Bass and Guitar
Howie Wowie–Bass
Ian Josephson–Bass
Joseph Blood–Bass and Guitar

Nim Vind (born Chris Kirkham) is a Canadian solo musician/artist and songwriter. He describes his sound as "Music for Outsiders".[1]

His music and art has no specific genre but is sometimes referred to as Horror punk.[2][3][4] Nim is often compared to Social Distortion and Volbeat in press.[5][6]

He has released three albums, The Fashion of Fear (2005) on Fiendforce Records and Nv Music, and The Stillness Illness (2009) on Silverdust Records and BEEF Records Inc/Nv Music, and recently a brand new album Saturday Night Seance Songs on House of Vind with distribution by Allegro USA. Seance features mixes from Jay Ruston and the legendary Todd Rundgren. Nim is currently managed by Jonny Zazula (Crazed Management, USA).

"Nim Vind" meaning[edit]

Nim Vind is a made up name[7] out of a combination of sounds and symbols. Specifically it is to be thought of as a character's name. A definition of "Nim Vind" is freedom by insanity. "Nim" borrows symbolism from the acronym for the National Institute of Mental Health or N.I.M.H. "Vind" borrows symbolism from the word "vindication", representing justification against denial or censure. Another definition is "aNIMal VINDication". The idea is that the animal mind only recognizes a primal rule and isn't bound to, nor aware of social rule created by humans nor their law or command or conjecture.

Career and recordings as Nim Vind[edit]

Chris Kirkham recorded the first Nim Vind album The Fashion of Fear and signed with Germany's Fiendforce Records in 2005. He has been successfully touring annually since then in Europe, USA and Canada. His biggest show to date was "Pain Stage" at Summer Breeze Germany 2009[8] to a sold-out audience of 25,000.[9]

Nim has appeared three times at the world-famous WGT Festival in Leipzig Germany, as well as Euro festivals such as Endless Summer, Sundown Festival, Wilwarin Festival, Undercover of Darkness, Rock My Ass and more. He was a headliner at Fiendfest Los Angeles USA, Ghouls Night Out New Jersey USA, plus appeared at Tiger Army's October Flame Festival Anaheim USA and more. He has toured and shared stages with Gary Numan, The 69 Eyes, Christian Death, Green Jelly, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Tiger Army, Balzac, The Misfits, Steel Panther, Filter, Skid Row, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, Michale Graves, Demented Are Go, New Model Army, Todd Kerns from Slash's band and Age of Electric, Blitzkid, and many others.[10]

Nim recently released the follow up to Stillness Illness called Saturday Night Seance Songs. The new album was recorded in Vancouver with longtime friend/engineer Doug Fury at Fury's studio "Fortissimo Sound". Mixing was done by Jay Ruston (Steel Panther, Anthrax, Stone Sour, Meat Loaf), David Irish (X) as well as a new version of his popular track "Astronomicon" mixed by legendary producer/artist Todd Rundgren. "Astronomicon" was premiered worldwide by Alternative Press Magazine.[11] The track "Master Spider" was premiered worldwide by - the world's biggest horror entertainment website.[12] The album has recently been named "Album of the Year" by Rue Morgue Magazine - The world's biggest horror magazine.[13]

Touring for Saturday Night Seance Songs so far has included a Halloween tour with Gary Numan,[14] spring dates with Green Jelly[15] Doyle,[16] Halloween touring with 80's goth legends Christian Death, a return appearance to Summer Breeze German 2016 - 40,000 festival - plus a November tour with The 69 Eyes in Europe.

A return appearance at The Wave Gotik Treffen - biggest goth fest in the world - has been confirmed plus Mighty Sounds in Czeck Republic, An official video for "Renegades of the End Times" has been posted. It was shot in Canada and Los Angeles USA. A fan video for "That Girl" has been posted and is a tribute to power girls of horror movies.

In August 2018, Nim Vind collaborated with writer/director Jeff Frumess to make a video for the song "Fear O Fear." The video features scenes from Frumess' feature length Gothic-Thriller, "Romeo's Distress."[17]

Previous band: Mr. Underhill[edit]

Chris Kirkham a.k.a. Nim Vind started his first band called Mr. Underhill. The idea for the sound of the band was to mix the dark art of Bauhaus with the catchy melodies and angst of the Misfits. It originally featured Nim Vind and two other players, but Nim's real life brothers Robbie and Anthony would both soon join. There are three Mr.Underhill EPs that were only sold at shows and speciality stores. The first was "What Will I Do When You Are Fallen?" produced by Mr. Underhill and Ryen Froggatt (Neko Case, Grapes of Wrath, Holly McNarland) the second was "Vamp", which leaned towards the Bauhaus/Bowie side of their sound. That was followed shortly after by the third EP "Phantasm Drive-In", which leaned more in a Misfits direction and was the beginning of Nim and his brothers finding their sound.

A 3rd album of lost material was recorded but never released to the public. However, as of Dec 25th 2013 it has been restored, remixed, and released as "Nim Vind and Mr.Underhill - The World through X-ray Eyes.[18] Mr.Underhill gained a strong cult following thanks largely to word of mouth and websites like the original in which they were a prominently featured band.[19] The brothers were represented by Entertainment Lawyer Jonathan Simkin. They were especially known for their eccentric outfits made up of giant black hair, long black coats and smeared black make-up, as well as their underground hit "Phantasm Drive-In".[20] Mr.Underhill ended and two bands were formed being Nim Vind (Chris's band) and The Vincent Black Shadow (Rob).

The Vincent Black Shadow[edit]

Rob's band The Vincent Black Shadow incorporated the brothers and enjoyed success at major American radio with the single "Metro".[21] TVBS, as it is referred to by fans,[citation needed] was managed by Jonny Z who signed Metallica,[22][23] and completed back to back full summers of "The Vans Warped Tour", Joan Jett dates including sold-out shows at Irving Plazy NY, a sold out Euro tour with Kosheen, a sold out Euro tour with fellow Canadian band Silverstein as well as live performances on Much Music, FUSE TV USA and others.[24]


Nim Vind discography
Studio albums2

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details
2005 Fashion Of Fear
  • Released: Summer 2005 and 2008 on iTunes
  • Label: FiendForce Records and Nv Music
    1. The Fashion of Fear – 3:20
    2. Saturday Night Creepers – 2:29
    3. Killer Creature Double Feature – 2:00
    4. Outsiders – 3:18
    5. Blue Movies – 2:58
    6. In the Night – 2:40
    7. The Midnight Croon – 1:48
    8. Like a Guilloteen – 4:01
    9. Into the Sphere We Go – 3:08
    10. The Bitter End – 3:29
2009 The Stillness Illness
  • Released: June 2009
  • Label: Silverdust Records and Nim Vind Music
    1. Killing Saturday Night
    2. Character Assassination
    3. Hadron Collider
    4. Jackknife
    5. The 21st Century
    6. Suicide Pact
    7. The Radio Active Man
    8. Revenge
    9. Blood Clots...Rise of the Police State
    10. The Clawed Bat
    11. Shango Nitra
    12. The Message
    13. The Still Blue - This track is only on the Euro version
2014 Saturday Night Seance Songs
  • Released: October 14, 2014
  • Label: House of Vind
    1. ESP
    2. Where I'm From
    3. Renegades of the End Times
    4. That Girl
    5. Electric Countershock Resuscitation
    6. Master Spider
    7. Astronomicon - mixed by Todd Rundgren
    8. The Philistine Beat
    9. War of the Worlds
    10. Fear O Fear
    11. The 21st Century LIVE in Germany
    12. Wolfsbane Blues


Year Single
2009 "Killing Saturday Night Single"
2010 "Astronomicon"
2011 "The Reeling Surreal"
2014 "Astronomicon" mixed by Todd Rundgren, mastered by PLX
2014 "Master Spider" mixed by Jay Ruston


Nim Vind has two official videos and many fan-made ones. The two official videos are "Killing Saturday Night", shot by Thomas Buchan and "The 21st Century" filmed live at the Summer Breeze Festival in Germany.[citation needed] There is a video for "In the Night" that is also considered an official video.[citation needed] It was shot live at the Royal Hotel in Vancouver at a Mr.Underhill show.[citation needed]

Nim Vind shot three live acoustic songs for a Halloween on-line special in 2009. The three songs were "Jackknife", "The Radio Active Man", and "Killing Saturday Night".[citation needed]

Fan videos for songs from "Saturday Night Seance Songs" are being posted at YouTube and include "Astronomicon", "Master Spider", and "ESP" and "That Girl"

Official Video Singles[edit]

Year Single
2006 "In the Night - Live at the Royal Hotel"
2006 "Blue Movies - Live Acoustic for Dark Canada doc."
2010 "Live Acoustic Halloween Sessions - Jackknife, Killing Saturday Night, The Radio Active Man
2010 "Killing Saturday Night Single"
2010 "21st Century Live at Summer Breeze"
2016 "Renegades of the End Times"
2017 "War of the Worlds" - Directed by Jeff Frumess
2018 "Fear O Fear" - Directed by Jeff Frumess, featuring scenes from "Romeo's Distress"


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