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Nimatullah, also spelled Ni'matullāh, Nematollah etc. (Arabic: نعمة الله‎) is a male Muslim given name, is used mostly in Arab countries, also used by Arab Christians.

The meaning[edit]

Unlike Persian "Nima" - whether used as masculine and usually feminine name - could have been possibly adopted from the neighbouring Arabic noun-adjective "نِعْمَة - ni‘mah / ni‘amah" - basic meaning: "blessing" or other meanings: "abundance; benefaction; beneficence; blessing; boon; favor; grace; kindness", for example, a lesser-composite Muslim masculine name like "نِعْمَةُ ٱلله - Ni‘mat’Ullah / Ni‘amat’Ullah - Blessing of Allah (God)" or a secondary meaning in the following sentence explained. However, this "نِعْمَة - ni‘mah / ni‘amah" denoted and referenced in the Islamic holy book of the Holy Qur'an is meant as "the Favour(s)/ Grace of Allah (God)".


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