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Nimki Vidhayak
Nimki Vidhayak.webp
Also known asNimki Mukhiya
GenreIndian soap opera
Created byZama Habib
Written byZama Habib
Directed byInder Das
Creative director(s)manjari Mukul
StarringBhumika Gurung
Abhishek Sharma
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes800
Producer(s)Zama Habib
Ishrat Ara
Editor(s)Masih Habib
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20–22 minutes
Production company(s)Qissago Telefilms LLP
DistributorStar India
Original networkStar Bharat
Picture format576i
HDTV 1080p
Original release28 August 2017 (2017-08-28) –
1 February 2020
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Nimki Vidhayak is an Indian Hindi-language television serial that airs on Star Bharat. It stars Bhumika Gurung and Abhishek Sharma in lead roles.[1][2][3] The show's main theme is women's empowerment and shows how a girl becomes the Mukhiya (Village chief) of her village and then a Vidhayak (MLA) and strives to make a difference in the complicated world of politics.[4] The show went off air on 1 February 2020 due to low TRP.


Nimki Mukhiya (Season 1)[edit]

The story, set in the backdrop of a small village in Bihar, deals with the life of a carefree, materialistic, girl named Nimki who accidentally becomes the Mukhiya (chief) of the village. Nimki is mad about cinema, a dreamer and unaware of the darkness of the world. Nimki loves Babbu and she believes that Babbu loves her, too.

After becoming chief of the village, Nimki is married to Babbu Singh, son of Tetar Singh, former chief of the village. Tetar's intention to make Nimki his daughter-in-law is to fulfill his political ambitions but no one in Babbu's family accepts Nimki. They housed her in a maid's room and treated her like one. But Nimki believed that Tetar's family will love her one day. After many incidents Sweety, Babbu's sister befriends her. Meanwhile, Sweety falls in love with BDO Abhimanyu Rai. But Abhimanyu loved Nimki secretly and he could not express his love and agrees to marry Sweety who has just divorced her cheating husband, Rituraj.

Tetar did not favour this and planned against Nimki. Babbu shoots Sweety to stop her marriage with Abhimanyu. Sweety realises Abhimanyu's feelings for Nimki and hence decided to leave him and marries Rituraj again, when Rituraj learn about the reason why sweety marries him he started to blackmail sweety and rapes her as per his wish. Tunney knows the truth that rituraj rapes sweety daily but he keeps mum to reunite Ahimanyu and Nimki. Nimki realises that she never loves Babbu it was just attraction rather she started loving Abhimanyu.

She organises a fashion show in the village to raise funds for development, but Tetar and Babbu are not in favour. Before the beginning of the fashion show Tetar Singh tries to stop it and the villagers insult him. To avenge his father's insult, during the fashion show Babbu rapes Nimki. Unlike other victims of rape, Nimki comes out of sorrow and start to live normally. She doesn't change her attitude and her swag. Nimki takes Babbu to court on rape charges, but Babbu kidnaps Elina to blackmail Tunne into giving fake proof against Nimki in court. She still tries to get him punished, but he is declared innocent. She then learns of her pregnancy.

Babbu saves his sister Sweety from being raped by Rituraj and that's when he realises his mistake and asks Nimki's forgiveness. He reforms and pleads with her to give their marriage a second chance. Seeing his changed behaviour, she forgives him and moves back into the mansion with him upsetting her family members. Nimki decides to support Babbu to teach him lesson for his wrongdoing but she doesn't want to involve her family members in this fight therefore she maintains a distance from them, further disappointing them. Mahua is angry on her and don't allow her to meet sick Monu. She asks Nimki to choose between her and Babbu and Nimki chooses Babbu as he is the father of her unborn child. To harm Babbu, Mahua throws a brick on Babbu but Nimki comes in between and the brick hits her stomach. After realising Nimki's support for him, Babbu decides to support her and chooses her over his family as she, too chose him over her own family.

To free Sweety from Rituraaj, Nimki suggests to Babbu to contest the election. Tetar Singh becomes angry as his own son challenging him in the election. Both parties gain the voters' trust. One such day, Monu comes to Haveli to meet Nimki after learning that Nimki visits Ghattola. Nimki slaps Anaro when she insults Monu. Nimki tries every way to break every pillar of Haveli. Nimki Babbu shares some lovey-dovey moments while talking to their unborn. Tunney has little understanding towards Nimki's plan and he along with Abhimanyu secretly support Nimki.

Tater Singh holds a rally in the village, where he bridges himself with praise. He tells Nimki's sister Mahuaa to speak out against Nimki and Babbu. Rituraj rebuked Sweety for her condition after Tetar Singh wins the election. Just then, Sweety tells the crowd of villagers not to vote for Tater Singh and that he is not fit to be called a human and beats Rituraaj in front of everyone. Tater Singh's rally is spoiled.

After some time Babbu goes to Nimki's house and she tells us how much Nimki loves her sister Mahuaa and all the family members. Mahuaa and everyone else agree that Babbu has improved and all are happy as before. Babbu arrives at the mansion to take Nimki to reunite him with his family. In Babbu's absence, Tetar and Rituraj tangle with Sweety and Nimki and knock Nimki down on the stomach. Annaro Devi is also there, severely deteriorating Nimki's condition. Tetar Singh realises that Nimki's condition is critical. To eliminate Babbu from MLA position, Tetar makes his wife Annaro Devi a pawn and knocks her down the stairs while Rekha (Dabloo's wife) is watching. Now Diamond is also with Nimki. When the police arrive, Anaro Devi gives testimony against Babbu. She holds Babbu responsible for her and Nimki's accident. Nimki loses her child, enraging Babbu. Nimki and Babbu decide to punish everyone who is responsible for death of his unborn child.

A fight Ensures between Babu and Tetar Singh. Anaro and Diamond also arrive. Nimki goes missing, Tunney, Abhimanyu and Sweety search for her. Meanwhile Anaro tries to stop Babbu and Tetar Singh's fight. On the way, Abhimanyu and Sweety's car collides with a tree. Abhimanyu is hit on the head, seeing Sweety's care and love for him, Abhimanyu chooses Sweety over Nimki. Nimki arrives there and reveals to Tetar Singh and others that it was on Rituraaj's suggestion, not hers, that Babbu decided to contest the election, therefore he begs Nimki. She then shows a recorded video in which Rituraaj suggested to Babbu to accept Nimki as it was the only way to win the MLA seat and go against his own family. The more he defied his family, the more voters trusted him and his chances of him winning the MLA election would increase. Tetar knocks down Babbu, Anaro doesn't believe this and after giving her testimony against Tetar Singh she goes insane. Nimki comes near Babbu and says that she knew he has not changed Babbu Singh and that he resembles his father and that even were Babbu to change, she would not forgive him, and that she is an example for those who are unable to act for fear of being raped. She labelled him a rapist and said that she would never forgive him. The police then arrest Tetar Singh. While leaving, Tetar Singh kills Returaaj with a stone. Anaro Devi cannot believe that her son has died. Nimki remembers all the previous things but she wears her glasses to hide her pain and walks away.

Two years later[edit]

Nimki Vidhayak (Season 2)[edit]

Nimki becomes Vidhayak, she lives with Bimla Chachi and Monu. Nimki holds Tunney and Mahua responsible for her unborn's death. Mahua and Tunney don't believe that for once Nimki ever asked them why they did so. Mahua is pursuing her education while Tunney is doing some small jobs, both live in Patna. Anaro Devi can't handle the death of Babbu and goes insane. Nimki never forgets her unborn and hence helps Anaro Devi in her treatment.

Sweety and Abhimanyu are now happily married, Sweety is pregnant and they live in Patna with their daughter Alina. Nimki becomes Vidhayak and comes to Patna, regains her rights on her bungalow by dramatically fighting with ex-MLA. The hero of the show, Mintoo Singh, now appears. Mintoo Singh (played by Abhishek Sharma) is a look-alike of Babbu, but has a completely different personality. He lives with his dadi (older version of Nimki) and has two friends Pichku and Tillu. Mintoo, unlike Babbu Singh, is a happy-go-lucky boy. Nimki meets the powerful and good-hearted Ganga Devi. While protesting outside Vidhan Bhawan, Ganga Devi is shot by a goon and she is hospitalised. It is later revealed that she is the one who hired the gunman to shoot her security personnel so that she can gain some sympathy and votes. Nimki, unaware of the true face of Gangadevi, idolises her. Ganga Devi has a spoiled son, Parag. While driving rashly, he hits Anaro Devi who run behind Mintoo Singh, thinking he is her Babbu. Nimki and Mintoo face some hit and miss moments. While helping Mishra's sister in marriage, Nimki and Mintoo have to don an avatar of bride and groom, that's where Nimki first saw Mintoo and is completely traumatised.

Nimki and Mintoo meet again in hospital where she realises that he is not Babbu but his look alike. Since Nimki helps in the marriage of Mishra (another MLA)'s sister against his will, he wants to kill her. Mintoo saves her in time. He brings her home where Dadi calls the bride's family to fix Mintoo's marriage. They misunderstand Nimki and Mintoo's relationship and the alliance breaks. Mintoo cares for Nimki. Dadi doesn't like Nimki because she is MLA. Mintoo's mother (Ganga Devi) leaves Mintoo for politics hence Dadi hates politics and politicians.

Mintoo Singh receives news of his Dadi having a brain tumor and is saddened. Accidentally Mintoo completes process of jitiya fast, Anaro Devi demands to eat food only if Babbu feeds her. Food intake is much needed for Anaro Devi, hence Nimki decides to change the avatar of Mintoo Singh to Babbu Singh. Mintoo Singh agrees for the same and Nimki gives him training to become Babbu. Mintu and his friends hold a protest in front of Ganga Devi's house chanting slogans, Mintu does the protest only for treatment of his dadi. Nimki tries every means to hide Mintu from her family, she knows this will badly impact everyone specially sweety Shriya Jha. Ganga Devi traps Shukla, therefore Shukla has to call police and arrest his own men. Ganga Devi calls Nimki and ask her to stop Mintu otherwise he may land in trouble. To impress Ganga Devi, Nimki with the help of Dadi makes a drama of Dadi's Death. Upon learning about Dadi's death Mintu runs towards home. After recognizing the foul play, Mintu stragles Nimki and is very much angry on Nimki (since Mintu knows that Dadi is actually suffering and can die anytime if not diagnosed), after realising his mistake he apologises to Nimki and they both resume their plan of Babbu Simgh to dignose ANaro Devi. Mintu and Nimki's family attends Navratri function hold by Ganga Devi. Ganga Devi arranges this function to divert peoples mind from parag's gambling. Mintu and Nimki shares some moments and dance together. on insistance of dadi, tillu, pichku and Mintu goes back to home in halfway of function. Nimki dances with Ganga Devi. At function Nimki meets with Tunney and Mahua and both the sister quarrel. Mahua leaves the function in anger, Parag Sagar Wahi misbehaves with her. Nimki slaps Parag for his action. Mahua gives statement against Nimki in Media. At night Ganga Devi's goons throws Tunney and Mahua out of the house along with their baggage. After a long drama finally Mahua and Tunney settles in Nimki's bungalow. Ganga Devi wants to demolish the current government by using "No Cofidence Motion", she is confident that govt will dbe demolished. current govt didn't demolish by 2 votes, since Nimki and ganga devi votes in favour of current govt to save Dadi (kidnaped by Shukla) and to hide the past (Mintu blackmails Ganga Devi) respectively.

No one knows where is Mintu, after election of "No Confidence Motion", he is nowhere to found. It is later revealed that Ganga Devi kidnaps Mintu, Mintu saves Mahua and runs in jungle. Ganga Devi tricks Nimki in believing that Mintu is the wrong one, Nimki shoots Mintu believing that he rapes Mahua when he is trying to wake up her from dizziness. Everyone treats Mintu as criminal and handcuff him, tillu and Pichku doesn't like this since both of them thinks mintu can't misbehave with woman. When mahua regains consciousness she tells truth, Nimki apoligises Mintu, when Mintu doesn't forgive her Abhimanyu tells him how babbu mistreats Nimki. Mintu forgives her after learning that Babbu rapes her and she thinks Mintu is doing same with her younger sister.


Nimki Mukhiya[edit]


  • Bhumika Gurung as Namkeen "Nimki" Kumari, The village's first female Mukhiya, Babbu Singh's wife
  • Abhishek Sharma as Babbu Singh, Nimki's husband, Tetar and Anaro's son


  • Indraneil Sengupta as Abhimanyu Rai a.k.a. BDO Babu, Elena's father, Sweety and Nimki's love interest
  • Shriya Jha as Sweety Rituraj Singh, Babbu's sister, Rituraj's wife
  • Priyanshu Singh as Tunney, Nimki's friend, Mahua's love interest
  • Vijay Kumar as Tetar Singh, Dabloo, Sweety, Babbu and Diamond's father, Anaro's husband[5]
  • Garima Vikrant Singh / Neelima Singh as Anaro Devi, Dabloo, Sweety, Babbu and Diamond's mother, Tetar's wife
  • Rishi Khurana as Rituraj Singh, Sweety's husband, Babbu's brother-in-law
  • Karaan Singh as Dabloo Singh, Rekha's husband, Sweety, Babbu and Diamond's elder brother
  • Jatin Suri as Diamond Singh, Dabloo, Sweety and Babbu's younger brother
  • Shiwani Chakraborty as Rekha Singh, Dabloo's wife
  • Ankit Sagar as Rambachan Singh, Nimki, Mahua and Monu's father
  • Saniya Noorain as Mahua Kumari, Nimki and Monu's sister, Rambachan's daughter and Tunney's love interest
  • Arafat Shaikh as Monu, Nimki and Mahua's brother, Rambachan's son
  • Syed Ashraf Karim as Nahar Singh, political leader
  • Reena Rani as Bimla Devi, Nimki's aunt
  • Sulabha Arya as Parvati Devi, Abhimanyu's aunt
  • Rita Bhaduri as Shanno Devi, Tetar's mother, Dabloo, Sweety, Babbu and Diamond's grandmother

Nimki Vidhayak[edit]


  • Bhumika Gurung as Namkeen "Nimki" Kumari, Bihar's M.L.A, Babbu Singh's widow, Mintoo and BDO babu's love interest
  • Abhishek Sharma as Mintoo Singh, Ganga Devi's estranged son, Nimki's love interest


  • Manish Goel as Abhimanyu Rai a.k.a. BDO Babu, Elena's father, Sweety's second husband
  • Shriya Jha as Sweety Rai, Babbu's sister, Abhimanyu's second wife, Elena's adoptive mother
  • Priyanshu Singh as Tunney, Nimki's friend, Mahua's love interest
  • Neelima Singh as Anaro Devi, Dabloo, Sweety, Babbu and Diamond's mother
  • Shivani Chakraborty as Gajwawali Bhabhi, Babbu's sister in law, Anaro's daughter in law
  • Saniya Noorain as Mahua Kumari, Nimki and Monu's sister and Tunney's love interest
  • Arafat Shaikh as Monu Singh, Nimki and Mahua's brother
  • Reena Rani as Bimla Devi, Nimki's aunt
  • Farida Dadi as Laadli Singh, Mintu Singh's grandmother, Ganga Devi's first Mother in Law
  • Shashank Mishra as Pichku, Mintoo's friend
  • Arjun Singh Shekhawat as Tillu, Mintoo's friend and Nimki's admirer
  • Shruti Ulfat as Ganga Devi, opposition leader in Patna Vidhan Sabha[6], Mintu and Parag's mother
  • Sagar Wahi as Parag Singh, Ganga Devi's son[6], Mintu's Half Brother
  • Rajveer Singh as KP Mishra /MLA In Ganga Devi's Party
  • Syed Ashraf Karim as Nahar Singh


The final episode aired in mid-August 2019 and the show got replaced with the second season titled 'Nimki Vidhayak'. It was said the new series will see Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) will progress to a more important post. [7]

The makers did not feel like stretching the story hence they decided to give a logical conclusion to the show and return with a second season.[8][9][10]


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