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Nina during the 2009 ASAP Sessionistas concert in Cebu.

This page includes the videography of Filipino singer Nina. She has recorded 40 music videos and has released 4 video albums in her 12-year career.

List of music videos[edit]

Year Title Album Director
2002 "Heaven" Heaven Avid Liongoren[1][2]
"Heaven" (Boywonder Remix) (featuring Artstrong)
2003 "Jealous"
"Jealous" (Acoustic)
"Foolish Heart" N/A
"Loving You" (Radio Edit) Avid Liongoren[3]
"Make You Mine" (featuring Picasso) Smile N/A
2004 "Biyahe Tayo" (various artists) Single-only release Noel Nieva[4]
"A Girl Can Dream" Smile N/A
"Sayang Naman" N/A
"I Don't Want to Be Your Friend" Diane Warren Presents Love Songs Chi de Jesus[5]
"The Christmas Song" All Star Christmas Collection
2005 "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" Nina Live! Marla Ancheta
"Through the Fire"
"I Love You Goodbye"
"I Love You Goodbye" (non-live version)
2006 "Burn" (featuring Christian Bautista)
"I'll Always Love You" I Will Always Love You Soundtrack Jessel Monteverde
"Araw Mo" Nina Stephen Ngo[6]
"Araw Mo" (alternate version)
"I Do" Treb Montreras II
"Someday" (alternate version)
2007 "I Can't Make You Love Me" N/A
"Collide" Xenoa Soundtrack Sean Lim[7]
"Somewhere Down the Road" Nina Featuring the Hits of Barry Manilow N/A
2008 "If I Should Love Again" N/A
"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Nina Sings the Hits of Diane Warren Marla Ancheta[8]
2009 "There You'll Be" Sean Lim[9]
"Kaya Natin Ito" (various artists) Single-only release Dante Nico Garcia[10]
"Star ng Pasko" (ABS-CBN All Stars) Paolo Ramos and Tots Sanchez-Mariscal[11]
2010 "I'm Yours" Renditions of the Soul Warner Music
"Love Will Lead You Back" Diamond: Greatest Hits 2002-2010
2011 "Dance" Stay Alive Sean Lim[12]
2012 "Believe in the Dream" (Lyric video) Universal Records[13]
"Only with You" Owen Reyes[14]
"Don't Say Goodbye" A Secret Affair Soundtrack Nuel Crisostomo Naval
2013 "Hurting Inside" (Lyric video) All Good Viva Records[15]
"When the Love Is Gone" When the Love is Gone Soundtrack Andoy Ranay

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Title Album Artist Director
2005 "Coffee Cup" Playlist Paolo Santos N/A
2006 "Ha?" Now Hear This Nyoy Volante N/A
2010 "Ngayong Pasko Magniningning ang Pilipino" Ngayong Pasko Magniningning ang Pilipino: Christmas Songs Compilation Gary Valenciano and Toni Gonzaga Paolo Ramos[16]

List of home videos[edit]

All home videos were distributed by Warner Music Philippines.

Year Title Format Content
2005 Nina Videoke VCD 10 music videos + videoke mode
Nina Live! VCD (Videoke), DVD concert + 1 music video + bonus features
2008 Nina Videoke 2[17] VCD 13 music videos + videoke mode
2010 Diamond: Greatest Hits 2002-2010 DVD (Disc 4) 23 music videos
2011 Sing Along with Nina[18] DVD 12 music videos + videoke mode


  • An unofficial music video for "2nd Floor" was released late in 2002, featuring a live performance by Nina.
  • A short clip on the 2004 film Masikip sa Dibdib (directed by Joyce Bernal), where Nina sang "What If" (back to back with Kyla, Karylle and Anna Fegi), is considered to be a music video.[19]
  • Other videos from Nina Live! received massive airplay on Philippine music channels, though, were not actually released as singles.
  • In 2007, MYX music channel began airing an unofficial video for "Someday" (Future Confessional Remix), which was regularly played on Club Myx.
  • Two different music videos were recorded for "Dance". Version 2 premiered on December 9, 2011, while Version 1 was never released.
  • A music video for "Only with You" was released by Playboy Philippines on May 29, 2012 in collaboration with Universal Records. It features behind-the-scenes footage from Nina's Playboy shoot.


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