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Nina Hynes
Origin Dublin, Ireland
Years active 1998 - present
Labels Transplant Records, Kitty-Yo, Reverb Records
Past members Joe Chester, Shane Fitzsimmons, Dave Hegarty

Nina Hynes is an Irish singer-songwriter and musician from Dublin, Republic of Ireland.[1] She currently resides in Berlin, Germany and releases music through her own label Transplant Records.

Music career[edit]

Nina made her music debut in 1999 with the release of the EP 'Creation' on Reverb Records. Nina had several successful tours of North America [2] and won the support of Nic Harcourt at KCRW [3], among others. Following her first LP the 2002 release 'Staros' on Reverb Records [4] her successful single release 'Mono Prix' granted her success in her native Republic of Ireland. Nina made the move to Germany in 2007, where she released material under her own label 'Transplant Records'.

She has gained considerable success in the European underground music scene most notable in Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia this popularity broadened through extensive touring with her band 'Nina Hynes and The Husbands' throughout 2002 to 2008. She toured extensively in the U.S. from 1999 to 2002. Nina currently holds a diploma in sound engineering.

Nina Hynes first released her debut album in 2002 'Staros' to critical acclaim in her native Ireland and with some recognition in the UK. Her second album was released in 2007 'Really Really Do'. She has appeared on RTÉ's Other Voices, No Disco and The View.

At an early age, she toured with experimental composers Hector Zazou and Brian Eno collaborator Harold Budd. Jane Birkin and Melanie Gabriel covered Nina’s songs on Hector Zazou’s album ‘Strong Currents’. She sang on the 2009 Abbey Rd. Children in Need single ‘All you need is love’ by The Beatles and singing on ‘My Favorite Things’ from The Sound of Music for CIN album.

In 2010, she had a musical residency at The Mattress Factory museum, Pittsburgh and made a yet to be released album within the A Generous Act collective. She is a member of Art Music Collectives A=Apple, Sending Letters to the Sea and A Generous Act and has collaborated with many musicians. She has played support to Roxy Music, Stereolab, Smog, David Gray, The Swell Season, The Frames, Damien Rice.

On 15 February 2011 Nina released a new track 'In A Million'.[5] In 2011, she launched her Fund It campaign which give fans the opportunity to help finance the fourth studio album. The album was later recorded in Celbridge in Kildare, Brussels and Berlin. Nina was successful in securing finance for the LP through this initiative.[6] in April, 2013 her fourth studio album 'Goldmine' was released as a download only through her own record label Transplant Records for two weeks. There is a 2013 vinyl and online release planned.[7][8] The album is a collaboration with Fabien Leseure both artists, along with collaborator Sean Carpio appear under the band name 'Dancing Suns'.

Music videos[edit]

  • Rain(2013
  • Dancing Suns Live at Funkhaus(2013)
  • Tarnished(2013)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Cuckoo (2011) directed by Maarten J. Boer
  • Mono Prix (2002)
  • Zhivago Blue (2002)
  • William Tell (2000)
  • Lulu Mae (2007) directed by Jason Hickey and Jimmy Behan
  • Somewhere Out There (2008) directed by Graeme Pearce
  • Christmas Time is Here(2010)


  • Creation (1999)
  • Can I Sleep Now?(2001)
  • Staros (2002)
  • Honeymood (2004)
  • Really Really Do (2007)
  • Goldmine (2013)

Raging Fire (2017) Sanctuary(2017

  • Universal / This Magic Stuff (2002)
  • Mono Prix (2002)
  • Road Relish (2002)
  • Honeymood (2004)
  • Flutter And Wow (2006)
  • Fitness / Somewhere Out There(2007)
  • In A Million (2011)
  • Dancing Suns (2013)
  • Vocals on "A Place For The Other" and "From One To Ten" from the Array album "First World Power Conference" (2006)
  • Vocals on "Deeper Than Heaven" from the Jimmy Behan album "Days Are What We Live In" (2004)
  • Vocals on "Under My Wing" from the Hector Zazou album "Strong Currents" (2003)
  • Vocals on "So New" with Cillian Murphy for Disco Pigs Soundtrack (2001)
  • Vocals on "No Bagsies, No Keepsies" from the Messiah J & The Expert album "Now This I Have To Hear" (2006)
  • Vocals on "On The Skyline" and "Dorothy Goes Home" from the Super Extra Bonus Party album "Super Extra Bonus Party" (2007)
  • Vocals on "Twinkle" from the compilation "An Indiecater Christmas" (2008) [9]


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