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Nina Kraviz
Nina Kraviz in 2015
Nina Kraviz in 2015
Background information
Native name Нина Кравиц
Birth name Nina Kravits
Also known as Techno Goddess
Born Irkutsk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (now Russia)
  • Record producer
  • DJ
Years active 2008–present
  • трип (trip)

Nina Kravits (Russian: Нина Кравиц) better known as Nina Kraviz is a Russian DJ, music producer and singer.[1]


Kraviz worked in a number of roles before her music career, including fixing "cosmonauts' teeth", hosting a local Irkutsk radio show and writing for a fanzine.[1] She was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle in 2005, however couldn't attend as she couldn't obtain a visa, attending the following year in Melbourne instead.[1] By 2008 she was playing a regular night at the Propaganda Club in Moscow.[1]

Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label, to mixed-positive reviews.[2][3][4]

A video profile of Kraviz, Between The Beats: Nina Kraviz, was released in March 2013 and drew attention to her and triggered a discussion of feminism and sexuality in electronic music.[5][6]

Kraviz started her own record label in 2014, named трип (English: Trip).[7][8]

She mixed the forty-eighth DJ-Kicks mix album, which was released in January 2015.[9][10]

Personal life[edit]

Kraviz was born and raised in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. She has a doctorate in dental medicine, completing her course first in Irkutsk then moving to Moscow, where she gained her residency.[1]

According to the Guardian, “Kraviz’s techno education started in her hometown of Irkutsk and developed in the early 90s, when she would listen to early-hours radio broadcasts of electronic music on the Europa Plus network. By the end of that decade, she was living in Moscow, working as a dentist at a war veterans’ hospital by day and holding down a club residency on Friday nights.”[11]



  • Nina Kraviz (Rekids, 2012)
  • Mr Jones (2013)




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