Nina Kusturica

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Nina Kusturica
Nina Kusturica.jpg
Born 1975
Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Occupation Film director
Years active 1997-present

Nina Kusturica is a Bosnian-born, Austrian film director, film editor and film producer.


She studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna to become a film director and editor and earned her degree with the film Auswege which had its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in the International Forum of New Cinema.[1] It also opened the Diagonale – the Festival of Austrian Film – in 2003. In the same year Nina Kusturica and Eva Testor founded the production company Mobilefilm in Vienna.

In 2009, Nina Kusturica's documentary Little Alien had its premiere – once again at the Diagonale. The documentary about unaccompanied minor refugees also went „on tour“ to reach Austrian pupils and students with a special concept consisting of the projection of the film followed by a discussions with the director and/or protagonists. In 2010, Nina Kusturica was awarded the outstanding artist award in the category of 'Intercultural dialogue' of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture for her special commitment.[2]

Moreover, the film director is involved in the Austrian citizens' initiative Machen wir uns STARK which demands a change in current politics, above all concerning integration and education.


director, producer, editor (selection)

  • 1998 Ich bin der neue Star, documentary, 15 min., director, script
  • 1999 Wishes, short film, 20 min., director, script
  • 2000 Draga Ljiljana - Dear Ljiliana, documentary, 31 min., director, script
  • 2001 Der Freiheit, short film, 14 min., director, script
  • 2003 Auswege, feature film, 90 min., director, script
  • 2004 24 Realities per Second, a documentary on Michael Haneke, 58 min., director, editing, production
  • 2009 Little Alien, documentary, 94 min., director, script, editing

producer / editor (selection)

  • 1997 Speak Easy, short film, editing
  • 1999 Lesen macht tot, feature film, editing
  • 2002 Laut und deutlich, documentary, editing
  • 2005 Kotsch, feature film, editing
  • 2007 Auf dem Strich - Paul Flora im Film documentary, production
  • 2007 Vienna's Lost Daughters, feature documentary, production, editing


  • 2006 Diagonale, Best Editing Feature Film together with Bernhard Schmid for Kotsch
  • 2010 outstanding artist award,[3] category: intercultural dialogue, of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, 2010
  • 2010 Feature Documentary – 2nd place, Editing – 1st place for Little Alien, International Filmfestival Los Angeles, 2010 [4]

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