Nindooinbah Dam

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Nindooinbah Dam
Dam wall and spillway, 2014
Dam wall and spillway, 2014
Nindooinbah Dam is located in Queensland
Nindooinbah Dam
Location of the Nindooinbah Dam
in Queensland
Country Australia
Location South East Queensland
Coordinates 27°59′44″S 153°1′51″E / 27.99556°S 153.03083°E / -27.99556; 153.03083Coordinates: 27°59′44″S 153°1′51″E / 27.99556°S 153.03083°E / -27.99556; 153.03083
Purpose Recreation
Status Decommissioned
Opening date 1951 (1951)
Operator(s) SEQ Water
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment dam
Impounds Off-stream
Spillway type Uncontrolled
Total capacity 322 ML (71×10^6 imp gal; 85×10^6 US gal)[1]

The Nindooinbah Dam is a decommissioned earth-fill embankment dam with an un-gated spillway located off-stream in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The sole purpose of the dam is for recreation.

Location and features[edit]

Lake, 2014

Located near the town of Beaudesert in the Scenic Rim region, the Nindooinbah Dam was completed in 1951 and decommissioned following a review by the dam operator, SEQ Water, that assessed that the dam did not meet the required standards set by regulators. Whilst there were no published concerns with the dam's safety, the small capacity of the reservoir, at 322 megalitres (71×10^6 imp gal; 85×10^6 US gal), meant that decommissioning of the dam did not impact on the region's water security.[1]

Non-powered boating is permitted on Nindooinbah Dam and public access is available to the dam wall embankment area.[1]

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