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The Nine-Dragon Wall at the Forbidden City

A Nine-Dragon Wall or Nine-Dragon Screen (Chinese: 九龍壁; pinyin: Jiǔ Lóng Bì) is a type of screen wall with reliefs of nine different Chinese dragons. Such walls are typically found in imperial Chinese palaces and gardens.

Early reference to the tradition of putting a screen wall at the gate is found in the Analects, 3:22: therein, it is mentioned as a trivial ritual norm ("The princes of States have a screen intercepting the view at their gates". 邦君樹塞門, trans. by James Legge).

List of Nine-Dragon Walls[edit]

Nine-Dragon Walls in China:

Outside China (partial):

Nine-Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, Beijing
Nine-Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City, Beijing


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