Nine Hours to Rama

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Nine Hours to Rama
Nine Hours to Rama poster.jpg
Directed by Mark Robson
Produced by Mark Robson
Screenplay by Nelson Gidding
Based on Nine Hours to Rama
1962 novel
by Stanley Wolpert[1]
Starring Horst Buchholz
Jose Ferrer
Valerie Gearon
Music by Malcolm Arnold
Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson, Ted Moore
Edited by Ernest Walter
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
  • 1963 (1963)
Running time
124 minutes
Country United Kingdom / United States
Language English
Budget $3,610,000[2]
Box office $1,000,000 (US/ Canada)[3]

Nine Hours to Rama is 1963 CinemaScope DeLuxe Color British film, directed by Mark Robson, and based on a 1962 book of the same name by Stanley Wolpert. The film was written by Nelson Gidding and was filmed in England and parts of India. It stars Horst Buchholz, Diane Baker, Jose Ferrer, and Robert Morley.


The film is a fictional narrative set in the nine hours in the life of Nathuram Godse (Horst Buchholz) that lead up to his assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (J.S. Casshyap). As he prepares for the shooting at Gandhi's residence, flashbacks recall Godse's hostility to Muslims, his adherence to a militant Hindu group that hatches the plot to kill Gandhi, and his involvement with a married woman Rani (Valerie Gearon) and a prostitute Sheila (Diane Baker). Meanwhile, a police officer Supt. Gopal Das (Jose Ferrer) is attempting to find the killer before it is too late.[4]



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