Nine Mile River, Wiltshire

Coordinates: 51°11′20″N 1°45′36″W / 51.18889°N 1.76000°W / 51.18889; -1.76000
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Nine Mile River
Nine Mile River in Bulford
CountryUnited Kingdom
Physical characteristics
 • locationnear Milston, Wiltshire
 • coordinates51°12′22″N 1°46′08″W / 51.20611°N 1.76889°W / 51.20611; -1.76889
 • location
Bulford, Wiltshire
 • coordinates
51°11′20″N 1°45′36″W / 51.18889°N 1.76000°W / 51.18889; -1.76000
Basin features
 • rightDamson Brook

Nine Mile River is a small river in Wiltshire, England. The river is not nine miles long, instead its name arose because carters reckoned they were nine miles from Salisbury when they reached it. The river rises in the civil parish of Milston and joins the River Avon in the village of Bulford. At about halfway through its course, still in the parish of Milston, it is joined by the small Damson Brook.


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