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Coordinates: 45°48′47″N 15°58′31″E / 45.8130174°N 15.9751946°E / 45.8130174; 15.9751946 Nine Views (Croatian: Devet pogleda) is an ambiental installation in Zagreb, Croatia which, together with the sculpture Prizemljeno Sunce (The Grounded Sun), comprises a scale model of the Solar System.

Prizemljeno Sunce by Ivan Kožarić was first displayed in 1971 by the building of the Croatian National Theatre, and since then changed location a few times.[1] Since 1994, it has been situated in Bogovićeva Street. It is a bronze sphere around 2 metres in diameter.

In 2004, artist Davor Preis had a two-week exhibition in the Josip Račić Exhibition Hall in Margaretska Street in Zagreb, and afterwards, he placed 9 models of the planets of the Solar System around Zagreb, to complete a model of the entire solar system. The models' sizes as well as their distances from the Prizemljeno Sunce are all in the same scale as the Prizemljeno Sunce itself.[1]

Preis did this installation with very little or no publicity, so his installation is not well known among citizens of Zagreb. On a few occasions, individuals or small groups of people, particularly physics students, "discovered" that there was a model of the Solar System in Zagreb.[1] One of the earliest efforts to find all of the planets was started in November 2004 on the web forum of the student section of the Croatian Physics Society.[2]

The locations of the planets are as follows:

  • Mercury - 3 Margaretska Street
  • Venus - 3 Ban Josip Jelačić Square
  • Earth - 9 Varšavska Street
  • Mars - 21 Tkalčićeva Street
  • Jupiter - 71 Voćarska Street
  • Saturn - 1 Račićeva Street
  • Uranus - 9 Siget (not at the residential building but at the garage across the street)
  • Neptune - Kozari 17
  • Pluto - Bologna Alley (underpass) - included in the installation before being demoted to dwarf planet (someone has since ripped Pluto off, however the plaque remains)

The system is at scale 1:680 000 000. Earth's model is about 1.9 cm in size and at 225 m distance from the Sun's model, while Pluto's model is 7.7 km away from it.[3]


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