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Nineteen Ninety-Four is a BBC Radio 4 comedy series and a book written by William Osborne and Richard Turner. The six-part radio series was first broadcast in March 1985,[1] and the book [2] published in 1986. The title is a reference to the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

BBC Radio 4 Extra rebroadcast Nineteen Ninety-Four between 17 August 2011 [1] and 21 September 2011.[3]



  • Work is Freedom [1] - Edward Wilson is hired by the Ministry of the Environment and gets embroiled in mysterious government machinations.
  • Freedom Is Choice [4] - Sub-Officer Edward probes a mysterious incident in Cumbria and ends up leading a revolution.
  • Choice is Progress [5] - After an eventful night with Sophie, Edward can't find his office but finds his job title changing with alarming alacrity.
  • Progress is Power [6] - Edward's knack for blunt honesty gets him noticed in a bad way.
  • Power is Happiness [7] - Edward could be up for promotion - but will it go to his head?
  • Happiness is Work [3] - Edward is now in charge of the Environment - but for how long?

Nineteen Ninety-Eight[edit]

A sequel series of six episodes entitled Nineteen Ninety-Eight broadcast in 1987 continued the plot line. It was published as a book [8] in 1988 and rebroadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra between 8 February 2012 and 14 March 2012.



  • Episode One - Can Edward keep his girlfriend and avoid explosions?
  • Episode Two - Edward wakes up with urgent news, but who will listen?
  • Episode Three - On the run, Edward meets the Leopard - will he survive?
  • Episode Four - Edward's quest for truth becomes the Movement.
  • Episode Five - Even Edward's allies find themselves absorbed by AmJap.
  • Episode Six - Edward and Tabitha finally face their foe - Colonel Brad.


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