Ning Hao

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Ning Hao
Chinese name 甯浩 (traditional)
Chinese name 宁浩 (simplified)
Pinyin Nìng Hào (Mandarin)
Born (1977-09-09) 9 September 1977 (age 40)
Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
Occupation Film director
Spouse(s) Xing Aina
Children 1 son (born 2009)

Ning Hao (Chinese: 宁浩; born 9 September 1977) is a Chinese film director. Ning studied at the Taiyuan Film School, where he majored in scenic design. He later transferred to the Art Department of Peking University. Ning eventually graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2003 with a degree from the Photography Department.[1]


Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
2001 Thursday, Wednesday 星期四,星期三
2003 Incense 香火 Graduation film for the Beijing Film Academy
2004 Mongolian Ping Pong 绿草地
2006 Crazy Stone 疯狂的石头
2009 Crazy Racer 疯狂的赛车 Also known as Silver Medalist
2012 Guns and Roses 黄金大劫案
2013 No Man's Land 无人区 Also known as Western Sunshine, filmed in 2010
2014 Breakup Buddies 心花路放


Since his breakout in 2006, Ning frequently re-casts actors who he has worked with, especially Huang Bo and Xu Zheng (as well as himself in cameo roles):

Actor Crazy Stone Crazy Racer Guns and Roses No Man's Land Breakup Buddies
himself NoN NoN NoN NoN NoN
Huang Bo NoN NoN NoN NoN NoN
Xu Zheng NoN NoN NoN NoN
Guo Tao NoN NoN NoN
Yue Xiaojun NoN NoN NoN
Wang Xun NoN NoN
Liu Gang NoN NoN
Liu Hua NoN NoN
Dong Lifan NoN NoN
Wang Shuangbao NoN NoN
Ba Duo NoN NoN
Tao Hong NoN NoN
Yang Xinming NoN NoN
Lei Jiayin NoN NoN

Personal life[edit]

Ning Hao is married to Xing Aina, who is credited as a screenwriter in all his films since Guns and Roses and No Man's Land. They have a son together.


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