Pilbara ningaui

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Pilbara ningaui[1]
Scientific classification
N. timealeyi
Binomial name
Ningaui timealeyi
Archer, 1975
Pilbara Ningaui area.png
Pilbara ningaui range

The Pilbara ningaui (Ningaui timealeyi), sometimes known as Ealey's ningaui, is a tiny species of marsupial carnivore found in Australia. It rarely exceeds 5.8 cm in body length, with a tail 6-7.6 cm long and a weight of 5-9.4g. This makes the Pilbara ningaui one of the smallest of all marsupials, surpassed only by the planigales.[3]

The Pilbara ningaui is found mostly in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is partly arboreal, and differs from other ningauis in its smaller size and rufous-tinted face.[3]


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