Southern ningaui

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Southern ningaui[1]
Southern ningaui captured in the Middleback Ranges.jpg
Southern ningaui captured in the Middleback Ranges, South Australia, 2011.
Scientific classification
N. yvonneae
Binomial name
Ningaui yvonneae
Kitchener, Stoddart & Henry, 1983
Southern Ningaui area.png
Southern ningaui range

The southern ningaui (Ningaui yvonneae), also known as the mallee ningaui, is a tiny species of marsupial carnivore and a member of the family Dasyuridae. It is found in a number of isolated populations in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.[3]

The southern ningaui is distinguished from the two other species of ningaui by a more reddish tinge on its face and overall darker colouring. Its diet mainly consists of a wide range of invertebrates, although it has been observed eating small reptiles on occasion.[4] It is largely a nocturnal animal.[3]

Life cycle[edit]

The southern ningaui lives for approximately 14 months.[5] The females are seasonally polyoestrus[6] and the breeding season lasts from September to early February. Only one litter is produced per season which, as the life span is so short, means the female ningaui only produces one litter in her lifetime. Generally there is only a single cohort present, aside from just after the breeding season when the juveniles are present but the previous cohort has not yet died off.[5]


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