Ningbo East Railway Station

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Ningbodong Station
Ningbo East Station
Ningbo East Railway Station 2013.07.27 06-09-24.jpg
Province Zhejiang
(See other stations in Zhejiang)
City Ningbo
District Jiangdong
Zhanqian Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo, China
Coordinates 29°51′45″N 121°32′13″E / 29.862363°N 121.53692°E / 29.862363; 121.53692Coordinates: 29°51′45″N 121°32′13″E / 29.862363°N 121.53692°E / 29.862363; 121.53692
Opened 8 September 2010
Station statistics
Operator(s) Shanghai Railway Bureau,
Ministry of Railways of the PRC
Line(s) Yongtaiwen Railway,
Xiaoyong Railway
Connections 9
No. of platforms 3
Aiga bus inv.svg Major bus terminal(s) attached to the station

Ningbo East Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 宁波东站; traditional Chinese: 寧波東站; pinyin: Níngbō dōngzhàn) is a railway station on the Yongtaiwen Railway located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. It was originally built as a cargo station until the reconstruction of Ningbo Railway Station when Ningbo East Railway Station opened to passengers on 8 September 2010. Once reconstruction of Ningbo Railway Station is finished, the station will be retained as a secondary passenger station for Ningbo.


South Sangtian Road was built as a major road connecting the Yinzhou and Jiangdong Districts as well as Ningbo East Railway Station.

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