Ninja Cheerleaders

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Ninja Cheerleaders
Directed by Patrick Hanbury
Produced by Luke Latshaw
Hunter Peterson
Written by Patrick Hanbury
Starring Jeff Sousa
Trishelle Cannatella
Michael Paré
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Country United States
Language English

Ninja Cheerleaders is a 2008 comedy film written and directed by Patrick Hanbury.


A ninja sensei Hiroshi (George Takei) must be rescued by his three cheerleader/stripper students April (Ginny Weirick), Courtney (Trishelle Cannatella) and Monica (Maitland McConnell) from a mafia boss Victor Lazzaro (Michael Paré) and his evil ninja girlfriend Kinji (Natasha Chang).


The film also features Jason Ellis, Eric Stonestreet, Max Perlich, Lateef Crowder, Louise Stratten, Kirsten Holly Smith, Heather Vandeven, Melanie Daniels (deleted scenes), Reuben Langdon (uncredited), Izabella St. James and Hayley Holmes (uncredited), in secondary and third-tier roles. Richard Davalos appears in his last film role as Don Lazzaro.


In 2011, UGO Networks featured the film on their list of 25 Hot Ninja Girls, calling it "just an excuse for hot women to do martial arts".[1]


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