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This article is about the manga and anime. For the video game, see Ninja Hattori-kun (video game).
Ninja Hattori-kun
Genre Adventure, comedy, martial arts
Written by Fujiko Fujio
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Children
Magazine CoroCoro Comic
Original run 19641971
Volumes 16
Television drama
Ninja Hattori-kun
Ninja Hattori-kun + Ninja Monster Jippou
Directed by Shoichi Shimazu
Written by Hisashi Inoue
Studio Hiroki Ogawa (1st season)
Akira Yuyama (2nd season)
Network TV Asahi
Original run 19661968
Anime television series
Directed by Fumio Ikeno, Hiroshi Sasagawa
Studio Shin-Ei Animation
Network TV Asahi
Original run September 28, 1981December 25, 1987
Episodes 694
Anime film
Ninja Hattori-kun NinxNin Furusato Daisakusen no Maki
Studio Shin-Ei Animation
Released March 12, 1983
Runtime 53 minutes
Live-action film
NIN×NIN Ninja Hattori-Kun The Movie
Directed by Masayuki Suzuki
Produced by Kazutoshi Wadakura
Ko Wada
Madoka Takiyama
Ryoichi Fukuyama
Toru Miyazawa
Written by Motoo Abiko
Music by Takayuki Hattori
Studio Fuji TV
Released August 28, 2004
Runtime 100 minutes
Ninja Hattori-kun
Developer Hudson Soft
Platform NES
Released March 5, 1986[1]
Anime television series
Ninja Hattori-Kun Returns
Directed by Tetsuo Yasumi
Produced by Takahiro Kishimoto
Satoshi Kaishō
Kei Mizutani
Motomichi Araki
Written by Tetsuo Yasumi
Music by Rahul Bhatt
Studio Shin-Ei Animation
Reliance MediaWorks
Network TV Asahi
Nickelodeon India
Cartoon Network Korea
Original run May 13, 2013 (Japan) – ongoing
Episodes 52
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Ninja Hattori-kun (忍者ハットリくん?), known as Ninja Hattori in some countries, is a manga series created by Motoo Abiko, later adapted into a television drama, an anime series, a video game and a live-action movie. It was remade as a 2013 anime series as a joint venture between India and Japan and is currently on the air in several Asian countries.


11-year-old Kenichi Mitsuba is an average kid who goes to secondary school and struggles with his studies, he is very stubborn and is very lazy and therefore always ends up frustrating his parents and teacher. He loves to find an easy way of things much the annoyance of Hattori.

Meanwhile, a little ninja named Hattori Kanzo befriends Kenichi. Hattori is now a part of the Mitsuba family along with his brother Shinzo, and his ninja dog, Shishi-Maru. Hattori helps Ken'ichi with his problems, and constantly keeps an eye on him, as a good friend. Yumeko is portrayed as Ken'ichi's love interest.

The main antagonist Kemumaki, a Koga Ninja and his ninja cat Kemumaki always trouble Kenichi. Kenichi asks Hattori to take revenge as a recurring storyline in many episodes. Although Hattori is a good friend, Kenichi sometimes fights with Hattori due to misunderstandings created by Kemumaki. Sometimes Jippou, Togejirou and Tsubame helps him.


  • Kanzo Hattori (ハットリ カンゾウ or 服部 貫蔵 Hattori Kanzou?) (voice: Junko Hori, drama actor: Kōtoku Nomura, drama voice: Kazuo Imakura, live-action film actor: Shingo Katori), aka Hattori-kun, is the protagonist of the series, a little ninja. In the Indian (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English) versions, Hattori is his first name and his last name (along with Shinzu's) changes between episodes, an inconsistency. He is 11 years old and 40 kg and is 140 centimeters tall. He is the boy who usually contests Kemumaki when he performs mischief. Hattori's main weakness is that he is afraid of frogs and lizards; this often leads him into trouble and becomes helpless. He wears blue coloured ninja robes. He always explains what a good ninja does and what others should also do. His powers can be compared to a master ninja. He also has a strange habit of saying ~degozaru or nin nin after almost every sentence. His girlfriend seems to be Tsubame.
  • Shinzou Hattori (ハットリ シンゾウ or 服部 心蔵 Hattori Shinzou?) (voice: Yūko Mita, drama actor: Shigeki Nakajō), aka Shin-chan, is Kanzo's younger brother. A good point to note is that while Kanzo is referred to as "Hattori", Shinzou is usually called by his first name, where his surname is inconsistent in the Indian (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English) versions. He uses weapons made from wood. He is a ninja-in-training who learns to be a good ninja, like Kanzo. He wears red coloured ninja robes. Shinzo seems to have a good heart and sticks to being loyal to his brother and sometimes gets excited when others are excited. Some of the times, Shinzou tricks Hattori to giving him things. He is also known to cry very loudly, which makes people faint. He is also very powerful for his age. He helps Kanzo fight Kemumaki, with his real weapons and control his loud crying (Which immobilizes opponents from attacking) and bites the head of the opponents.
  • Shishimaru (獅子丸?) (voiced by Kenichi Ogata) is a ninja dog living with Ken'ichi, who came along with Kanzo Hattori and Shinzo Hattori. He is a casual behaving dog who at times becomes lazy and stubborn. Along with Shinzou,the two of them wind up doing mischief and creating trouble. He has an attack of turning in a fireball when provoked. He also has the ability to change form into any other animal. His fur color is yellow. His ninja mark on his forehead is very important for him as it is an identification of him as a ninja. He loves to eat all kinds of delicious treats, especially a fish sausage, or chocolate roll.
  • Kenichi Mitsuba (三葉 ケン一 Mitsuba Kenichi?) (voice: Masako Sugaya, drama actor: Katsumi Takamiya, live-action film actor: Yuri Chinen) is a 10-year-old boy who goes to middle school and is poor in his studies. He likes Yumeko, however also Kemumaki is always after her. He also tricks Hattori to help him in any situation. He also does not follow his mother's instructions properly and often gets a severe scolding from his mother.Though he doesn't study well,he has a good habit of helping others. He is always the victim of Kemumaki's mischievous plans. Ever since Kanzo befriended Kenichi, he keeps on addressing him as "Lord Kenichi".
  • Tsubame (ツバメ?) (voice: Fuyumi Shiraishi), aka Tsubame-ko, a kunoichi and classmate of Hattori-kun. She likes Hattori and always wishes to marry him. She has a dislike for Kemumaki and Kagechiyo. She wears pink coloured ninja robes. She seems to own a recorder, a clarinet, a flute, a piccolo and a bassoon, five woodwind instruments. She is called as 'Sonam' in the Hindi version.
  • Kemuzo Kemumaki (ケムマキ・ケムゾウ Kemumaki Kemuzou?) (voice: Kaneta Kimotsuki, live-action film actor: Gorie) is the antagonist of Ninja Hattori-kun. He is called as Amara in the Indian (Hindi) versions, but retains his name in the Indian English version. He, along with his cat Kagechiyo (Kemuzou), always are the ones who cause trouble. Strength-wise, he has competition with Hattori and Shinzo. He is 11 years old and is shorter than Kenichi but a lot more fitter and stronger than him. He competes with Kenichi for Yumeko-chan; however when he uses one of his ninja techniques in order to win, Hattori usually steps in to save the day. He wears green colored ninja robes. Only Kagechiyo, Kenichi and the Kanzo family know about his duel life that he's a ninja like Hattori while he joined Kenichi's school as a normal boy in the middle of the series. His parents' whereabouts are unknown, but his mother is noted several times in the series.
  • Kagechiyo (影千代?) (voice: Eiko Yamada, is a talking animal-ninja of the Koga-ryu, Kagechiyo is the helping antagonist in the series. He is called Kiy'yo or Keo in the Indian versions (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English). Usually Kemumaki gives a big task in his plans for Kagechiyo to carry out, which he often does not succeed in. This is because he doesn't get enough training from Kemumaki and is seen sleeping on the streets. He is noticed by Hattori several times. He is seen to have a rivalry with Shishimaru. His fur color is black and white. He normally hides in the Mitsuba house to hear Kenichi and his friends' plans and afterwards informs Kemumaki about them, acting more like a communication device. Sometimes he hates Kemumaki for his strictness and imagines living a life of luxury as a normal cat in some episodes. He enjoys eating fish. He obtains an attack of static electricity on rubbing a shining metal plate against his back. If he uses this attack too much, then he feels weak. He is called Keo in Indian versions.
  • Yumeko Kawai (河合 夢子 Kawai Yumeko?) (voice: Runa Akiyama), aka Yumeko-chan, is the girl who usually causes disputes between Kemumaki Kemuzou and Kenichi Mitsuba. She also attends the same middle school as the two, and she is also the one who causes most of the problems of the plot as both Kemumaki and Kenichi fall in love with her and want to attract Yumeko.Most of the time she appears to be confused. Yumeko seems to be in touch with Hattori sometimes. Yumako sees Hattori as a big brother and Shinzo as a little brother. She is also seen to like Kenichi. And sometimes people mistake her relationship with Hattori as a romantic one, though in some episodes they are seen to show romance. She is also known to play piano fairly well and hates bell peppers.
  • Aiko-Sensei (voice: Yōko Kawanami):One of Kenichi's teacher. Koike-sensei has a crush on her. The subject she teaches is unknown. Though in many episodes she is shown teaching the class music.
  • Jinchuu Hattori (voice: Tadao Futami): Hattori-kun and Shinzou's father. He also appear in Perman, when he fights with Perman.
  • Jippo (voice: Junpei Takiguchi, drama voice: Hiroko Maruyama): A giant turtle monster ninja. He and Hattori are ninja partners.
  • Koike-Sensei(voice: Issei Futamata): Kenichi's teacher, also appears as a ramen chef in Obake no Q-tarō and sometimes appear as a cameo in Doraemon where he eats ramen. He always scolds Kenichi similar to when Nobita is scolded by his teacher in Doraemon. He is caricatured after animator Shin'ichi Suzuki. He also appears in the cartoon "Biriken" and "Ultra B" as Michio's father.
  • Kentaru Mitsuba (voice: Yuzuru Fujimoto, drama actor: Teizō Muta): Kenichi's father. He usually smokes and comes from his office late in the evening. He likes eating and golf a lot. Though a rather stout man,in some of the episodes, his size seems to change, going from chubbier to slimmer.
  • Ama Mitsuba (voice: Nashiwa Yukiko, drama actor: Chiharu Kuri): The mother of Kenichi. She likes Tsubame and thinks that Kemumaki is a good boy. She also appears in an episode of Doraemon, in one of Doraemon's dreams.
  • Professor Shino Bino (voice: Reizō Nomoto): A professor who lives in America and invented Togejirou.
  • Cacto-chan (voice: Hiroko Maruyama): A cactus having supernatural powers is sent by Professor Shinobino from America. Shisimaru does not like Cacto-chan and loves to compete with him. He is called Kak-toe-chan in the English and Hindi version.


There are five main Locations : Tokyo City, Shinto Temple, Iga Province, Iga Mountains, Kōga Valley




In January 2012, Nikkei announced on its website that a remake of the anime series under production by Indian production company Reliance MediaWorks and Shin-Ei Animation.[2] The announcement was part of a move to produce several remakes of popular anime television series to be broadcast across television stations in the Asian market to counteract Japan's stagnating domestic anime marketplace due to its declining birthrate.[3] The new series began airing in India and Indonesia on May of the same year, as well as in China (unknown month). They are currently available in English on Disney Channel SEA, though dubs have been advertised on TV and feature Indian characters (though minor) such as Anand, who teaches Hattori and his friends cricket.

Live-action drama[edit]

Live-action film[edit]


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