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  • Nino is considered to be an Italian masculine name that is in use throughout Italy as a diminutive form of several names such as Antonino, Giannino, Saturnino, Severino and all names ending in "-nino" as well as names such as Gaetano and Giovanni.[1] It is used in other Mediterranean countries, e.g. Spain and Greece, as well as in nations where these countries have linguistic relations e.g. Latin-America.
  • Nino is considered to be a Georgian name of Assyrian origin that is a popular feminine name in Georgia with possible relation to the story of the husband of Semiramis, founder of the city of Nineveh.[2] It was popularized due to the 4th century A.D. conversion of Georgia to Christianity by a Roman woman, Saint Nino, a relative of St. George, who came from Constantinople. In Slavic languages the name is often written as Nina, a name which has multiple meanings,[3]

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Given name[edit]


  • MC Nino, stagename of Terry Jones, vocalist and keyboardist for English music group Baby D (dance group)
  • Nino, nickname of Phillip Martin III (born 1968), African-American entertainer and businessman
  • Nino (footballer), nickname of Juan Francisco Martínez Modesto (born 1980), Spanish footballer
  • Nino Alejandro, nickname of Christopher Caesar Alejandro (born 1976), Filipino musician
  • Nino Antonelli, nickname of Cosimo Antonelli (1925 – 2014), Italian water polo player
  • Nino Arrúa, nickname of Saturnino Arrúa (born 1949), Paraguayan footballer
  • Nino Baskoro, nickname of Anindyo Baskoro, vocalist for Indonesian band RAN (Indonesian group)
  • Nino Benvenuti, nickname of Giovanni Benvenuti (born 1938), Italian boxer and actor
  • Nino Baragli, whose birthname is Giovanni Baragli (1925 – 2013), Italian film editor
  • Nino Bianco, nickname of Antonio Bianco (1951 – 2009), South African scientist
  • Nino Bongiovanni, nickname of Anthony Thomas Bongiovanni (1911 – 2009), American baseball player and manager
  • Nino Bravo stage name of Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis (1944 – 1973), Spanish singer
  • Nino Buscató, also known as Francisco Buscató or Francisco Buscató (born 1940), Spanish basketball player and coach
  • Nino Castellini, nickname of Antonio Castellini (1951 – 1976), Italian boxer
  • Nino Castelnuovo, nickname of Francesco Castelnuovo (born 1936), Italian actor
  • Nino Costa, nickname of Giovanni Costa (1826 – 1903), Italian painter
  • Nino Cottone, nickname of Antonio Cottone (1904/1905 – 1956), Sicilian Mafioso
  • Nino Culotta, pen name of John O'Grady, (1907 – 1981), Australian writer
  • Nino D'Angelo, nickname of Gaetano D'Angelo (born 1957), Italian singer
  • Nino de Angelo, stagename of Domenico Gerhard Gorgoglione (born 1963), German singer
  • Nino Durden, nickname Gino Floyd Durden (born 1963), American police officer
  • Nino Escalera, nickname of Saturnino Escalera Cuadrado (born, 1929), Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Nino Espinosa, nickname of Arnulfo Acevedo Espinosa (1953 – 1987), Dominican baseball player
  • Nino Farina, nickname of Giuseppe Antonio Farina (1906 – 1966), Italian racing driver
  • Nino Firetto, nickname of Anthony Edward Paolo Firetto (born 1957), British entertainer
  • Nino Frassica, nickname of Antonio Frassica (born 1950), Italian actor
  • Nino Gaggi, nickname of Anthony Frank Gaggi who was also known as "Antonino" (1925 – 1988), organized crime figure
  • Nino Garris, nickname of Stefano Garris (born 1979), German basketball player
  • Nino Giarratano, nickname of Anthony Giarratano (born 1962) American baseball coach
  • Nino Giuffrè, nickname of Antonino Giuffrè (born 1945), Italian mafioso
  • Nino Herman (Chananya) (born 1952), Israeli art-photographer
  • Nino Host-Venturi, whose real name is Giovanni Host-Venturi, (1892 – 1980), Italian fascist politician and historian
  • Nino Lema, nickname of Benign Lema Mejuto (born 1964), Spanish footballer
  • Nino Manfredi, nickname of Saturnino Manfredi (1921 – 2004), Italian actors
  • Nino Oxilia, whose birthname is Angelo Agostino Adolfo Oxilia (1889–1917), Italian playwright
  • Nino Paraíba, nickname of Severino de Ramos Clementino da Silva (born 1986), Brazilian footballer
  • Nino Porzio, whose birthname is Antonino Porzio (born 1972), Italian singer and actor
  • Nino Pršeš, stagename of Vahidin Pršeš, Bosnian singer
  • Nino Ramsby (born Nina Ramsby, 1972), Swedish singer-songwriter
  • Nino Rešić, stage name of Nikola Rešić who was born Amir Rešić (1964 – 2007), Bosnian and Serbian singer
  • Nino Rota, nickname of Giovanni Rota Rinaldi (1911 – 1979), Italian composer
  • Nino Rotolo, nickname of Antonio Rotolo who is also known as Antonino (born 1946), Italian Mafia boss
  • Nino Rovelli, nickname of Angelo Rovelli (1917 – 1990), Italian bobsledder
  • Nino Salvo, nickname of Antonio Salvo (1929 – 1986), Italian businessman
  • Nino Santos, nickname of Alecsandro Aparecido dos Santos (born 1984), Brazilian footballer
  • Nino Scalia, nickname of Antonin Scalia (1936 – 2016), American judge
  • Nino Schembri, nickname of Antônio Schembri (born 1974), Brazilian mixed martial artist
  • Nino Staffieri, also known as Bassano Staffieri (1931 – 2018), Italian bishop
  • Nino Tahvili, a nickname of Omid Tahvili (born 1970), Iranian gangster
  • Nino Tempo, whose birthname is Antonino LoTempio (born 1935), American entertainer
  • Nino Vieira, nickname of João Bernardo Vieira (1939 – 2009), Bissau-Guinean politician
  • Nino Visconti, whose real name is Ugolino Visconti (died 1298), Italian judge
  • Nino Xypolitas, whose birthname is Stefanos Sakellarios Xypolitas and is known professionally as Nino (born 1981), Greek singer
  • Nino Zec, nickname of Ninoslav Zec (born 1949), Yugoslav footballer

Middle name[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Nino Lahiffe, from the animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
  • Nino Quincampoix, the romantic male lead character in the Amélie film and musical

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