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The Nintendo Channel, known as the Everybody's Nintendo Channel (みんなのニンテンドーチャンネル Minna no Nintendō Channeru) in Japan, is an unsupported online service through the use of WiiConnect24 on the Wii by Nintendo. The channel offered viewing of videos from Nintendo, support for reading through game articles and also an online-based DS Download Station for the Nintendo DS to play demo versions of various Nintendo DS games. Users could send recommendations to Nintendo about a Wii or Nintendo DS game that they played, although Nintendo DS game cards had to be in the system's Slot-1 and locally connected to the Wii via Download Play in order to be eligible in the survey.

The Nintendo Channel debuted in 2007 in all regions, and an update was released at a later point which changed the user interface and various other things.

A North American-exclusive show called Nintendo Week, based on shows like Washington Week, was distributed via Nintendo Channel.

Nintendo ended support for the Nintendo Channel on June 28, 2013 along with 4 more Wii channels as WiiConnect24, which the channel required, was permanently disconnected. Most of Nintendo Channel's functions were succeeded by the Nintendo eShop.


The Nintendo Channel was available on the Wii Shop Channel for 0 Wii Points, which is free. The Nintendo Channel was available until services of the channel had been discontinued on June 28, 2013.