Nintendo Dream

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Nintendo Dream
Categories Video game
Frequency Monthly
Format Paper magazine
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
First issue June 1996
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Nintendo Dream (ニンテンドードリーム, abbreviated ニンドリ) is a Japanese video game magazine first published by Asahi Communications, and currently published by Tokuma Shoten. It is Japan's main Nintendo Magazine featuring Nintendo game reviews for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii. It was originally named "64 Dream" and went on sale in June 1996 when the Nintendo 64 was released.[1] It was then changed to Nintendo Dream in May 2001 before the Nintendo GameCube was released.

64 Dream was originally a monthly magazine until the change to Nintendo Dream in 2001. In 2002 the magazine was published every 2 weeks to be released on the 6th and 21st of the month. Then in 2005 it went back to the monthly format where it stands to this day.

Nintendo Dream is the only Nintendo-oriented magazine in Japan to provide industry coverage and developer interviews.[2] Each issue contains a bonus item like a strategy guide, game list, books, and other items.

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