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Nintendo M82 Demo Unit
M82 Demo Unit.jpg
The M82 with 12 games installed.

The Nintendo M82 is a demonstration unit for the Nintendo Entertainment System to allow customers to try games in-store before purchasing them. The full title on the machine was the M82 Game Selectable Working Product Display.[1] The machine was fundamentally different from the more arcade orientated PlayChoice, because it used consumer NES cartridges instead of the latter's proprietary ROM chips.

The M82 could hold up to 12 games, which were visible (on end) through small windows and were numbered 1–12. Unlike the Japanese Famicom Box, a similar demo unit that demanded specially-made cartridges, the M82 accepted any standard NTSC game cartridge. The games were selected by pressing a red button on the front of the unit. Up to two controllers and one NES Zapper could be connected and were held on small shelves on the lower front of the unit. The play time could be set by the store via a knob on the back of the unit; this could be 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 6 minutes or 128 minutes.[1]

Nintendo also developed other in-store demonstration units;[2] however, the M82 seems to be[weasel words] the common variety of these Nintendo systems.


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