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Billy Berghammer
Born1972 (age 46–47)
Known forFounder of Planet Gamecube (August 22, 2000)[1] now Nintendo World Report (September 4, 2006)[2]

Billy Berghammer is the creator of former site Planet Gamecube, now named Nintendo World Report, and was the director of,[3] Berghammer is now a member of Nintendo of America's Treehouse division.

Early career[edit]

N64HQ and N2000HQ[edit]

Berghammer had a job in video game journalism. In his free time, he had begun creating the website N64HQ, and running on March 7, 1999 for Nintendo's hardware product N64. A short time after, the site closed, and eventually, due to being let go from his job, he had a lot of free time. He used this time to create another news site titled N2000HQ. The idea behind N2000HQ was to become a news site that would completely and effectively cover the newly anticipated GameCube and Game Boy Advance hardware and software for those consoles. The domain was unfortunately taken already and Berghammer decided to work in the name of PlanetN2000.[4]

During the transition from N2000HQ(dot)com to PlanetN2000(dot)com, the GameCube themed site OperatioN2000 had closed down. Justin Nation, founder of OperatioN2000, was offered to move all of the content that was on OperatioN2000 to the newly made PlanetN2000 and to work with the site, along with a few others who worked on the recently closed site.[4]

The Planet Series[edit]

PlanetN2000 rounded up quite the readership for its site, and soon enough, other Nintendo news sites had shut down, increasing the number of visits and amount of bandwidth. After attending PlanetN2000's first E3, a gaming expo that reveals news and releases of new video games, the already excessive bandwidth usage had increased substantially. It was on Billy's N64's second birthday (May 7, 2001) they decided to move their site to a new domain: PlanetGamecube.[4]

Later career[edit]

After moving away from PlanetGamecube, Berghammer had bounced around different video game journalism and editing jobs from 2003 to 2012

Game Informer Magazine[edit]

Two years later after the launch of PlanetGamecube, on April 2003, Berghammer took up an offer at Game Informer Magazine and left Planet Gamecube.[4]


In 2009, Senior Vice President of Interactive and New Media Joshua Krane appointed Billy to be the Director of for gaming editorial.[5]


In 2010, Berghammer was hired by Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), in which he oversaw and managed both the print version of EGM Now and EGMi: The Digital Magazine.[6]

Skulls of the Shogun[edit]

It is said by Billy Berghammer himself on October 2012 that he was taken in to help with the release of the game Skulls of the Shogun.[7] Other sources may be needed to confirm this.


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