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Ninth Doctor comic stories are those featuring the ninth incarnation of the Doctor from the television science fiction series Doctor Who. The Ninth Doctor's comic tenure was perhaps most notable for two things: the brevity of the run and the involvement of Rose Tyler. No other Doctor had a run quite so brief as the Ninth and none used exclusively his televised companion; in fact, Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was the first since the Third Doctor (who debuted in 1970) to debut in comics with a televised companion. This latter point was quite significant: no Doctor since the Third took his bow in The Arkwood Experiments had started his comic run with his televised companions intact.

The Ninth Doctor's Doctor Who Magazine run was the only one ever completely drawn by a single penciller — Mike Collins — though other eras were nearly drawn by a single artist. The Ninth Doctor's run as the incumbent Doctor was just nine DWM issues long, plus a single story in an annual, making him by far the shortest-lived Doctor in comics. an ongoing comic book was launched by Titan in 2016


Doctor Who Magazine[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "The Love Invasion" Rose Tyler Gareth Roberts 27 April - 22 June 2005
The doctor travels to 1966, to find an alien called Igrix is planning to prevent a war by destroying the moon.
2 "Art Attack!" Rose Tyler Mike Collins 20 July 2005
The Doctor goes to the Oriel, a gallery housing the art that survived World War V. He soon has to prevent the "Invasion of the Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen's of Doom!"
3 "The Cruel Sea" Rose Tyler Robert Shearman 17 August - 9 November 2005
A private yacht owned by Alvar Chambers and his 18 ex-wives comes under attack by the sea on Mars
4 "A Groatsworth of Wit" Rose Tyler and William Shakespeare Gareth Roberts 7 December 2005 - 4 January 2006
Alien beings manipulate Robert Greene into killing William Shakespeare

Titan Comics[edit]

# Title Featuring writer release date
1 Weapons of Past Destruction Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness Caven Scott April - December 2015
2 Doctormania Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness Caven Scott April - June 2016
3 The Transformed Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith and Martha Jones Caven Scott August 2016
4 Official Secrets Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness the Brigadier harry sullivan Tara Misra and UNIT Caven Scott October 2016 - December 2016
5 slaver song Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness and Tara Misra Caven Scott Januarey 2017 - March 2017
6 Sin-Eaters Rose Tyler and Tara Misra Caven Scott March - April 2017
7 secret agent man Jack Harkness Caven Scott May 2017 -

Doctor Who Annuals[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "Mr Nobody" Rose Tyler Scott Gray 2005

Short stories[edit]

Doctor Who Annuals[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "Doctor Vs Doctor" Rose Tyler Gareth Roberts 2005
Dr Merrivale Carr, the finest detective in 1920s England, is preparing to wrap up another investigation with the help of his young assistant, Henry Ransom# Strange murders are occurring at Lord Farthingale's# Dr Merrivale suspects hostess Glenda Neil# A visitor to the house calling himself "the Doctor" suspects an invisible alien# The pair, along with the Doctor's faithful Rose must join forces to discover the truth.
2 "The Masks of Makassar" Rose Tyler Paul Cornell 2005
The Doctor is asked to represent an alien planet. But his eternal grief at the loss of the Time Lords begins clouding his better judgement, and when Rose is put in danger, the Doctor discovers a trap has been set - and he has walked straight into it!
3 "Pitter-Patter" Rose Tyler Robert Shearman 2005
4 "What I did on my Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow" Sally Sparrow Steven Moffat 2005

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