Ninth Menzies Ministry

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The Ninth Menzies Ministry was the fortieth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 22 December 1961 to 18 December 1963,[1] governing as a Liberal Party of AustraliaAustralian Country Party Coalition


Junior ministry[edit]

  • Hon John Cramer, MP: Minister for the Army
  • Hon Hugh Roberton, MP: Minister for Social Services (CP)
  • Senator Hon Denham Henty: Minister for Customs and Excise
  • Hon Gordon Freeth, MP: Minister for the Interior, Minister for Works, Minister assisting the Attorney-General
  • Senator Hon John Gorton: Minister for the Navy, Minister assisting the Minister for External Affairs. Minister in charge of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (from 16 February 1962)
  • Hon Hubert Opperman, OBE MP: Minister for Shipping and Transport
  • Senator Hon Harrie Wade: Minister for Health (CP)
  • Hon Leslie Bury, MP: Minister for Air, Minister assisting the Treasurer (to 27 July 1962)
  • Hon Allen Fairhall, MP: Minister for Supply
  • Hon Reginald Swartz, MBE (Mil) MP: Minister for Repatriation
  • Hon David Fairbairn, MP: Minister for Air (from 4 August 1962)


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