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Ninthwave Records
Parent companyBuGoudi House[1]
Founded2001 (2001)
Country of originU.S.

Ninthwave Records is an American synthpop record label that was founded in 2001.


Ninthwave Records is an independent record company launched in 2006, as an offshoot of Lexicon Magazine, a tribute to all things 80’s. Think hyper color T-shirts, big hair, even bigger shoulder pads, New Wave music and of course Electropop.

Always looking for that something special and new, Ninthwave Records has an ever-increasing number of tracks to take you from the multi-colored dance floors to the newest super-clubs with Welsh sister act ‘Electrovamp’ (with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill in tow), reintroduced New Wave chameleon ‘Nathalie Archangel’ with her album ‘Raven’, multi award-winning Australian cabaret turned synth popper ‘Kim Smith’ with his debut album ‘Nova’.

In its vast catalog are releases by acts ranging from Ganymede and Empire State Human, Brandon Lee, NASA and Spray. Songs put out by Ninthwave have been used in video games (such as Dance Dance Revolution) and TV shows (like “True Blood”). Ninthwave’s Heaven 17 single, “Hands Up to Heaven,” even reached No. 6 on Billboard Magazine’s US Club Play Chart.

Lifting the veil of mystery surrounding Swedish producer Matt (a.k.a. Stormby) Eriksson’s 'Amelia’s Fault’, pop powerhouse Brenda Bennett, NYC Model/Popstar Kaden, electropop genius Richardo Autobahn to pop-culture icon Jane Badler a.k.a. Diana from the Sci-Fi cult TV show 'V'

Ninthwave Records, is proud to be official home and supporter of Moombahton and Moombahcore (a genre of fused house and reggeaton rich with dramatic buildups, a two-step pulse, and quick drum fills). With the release of multiple compilations, singles, remixes and EP's set to continue into the future.

More recently, in 2013 Ninthwave Records became a part of BuGoudi House, an entertainment services company created to provide artists with a full suite of resources supporting their creativity, business needs and independence. Services include management and booking in addition to providing publishing and distribution through Ninthwave and FC Music Group imprints.


A sample of releases from the Ninthwave Records Catalog:

  • nw1001 Lexicon Sampler #1
  • nw1002 Anthems for the Young At Heart- Gary Flanagan
  • nw1003 Lexicon Sampler #2
  • nw1004 Remembering the Future - NASA
  • nw1005 Lexicon Sampler #3
  • nw1006 no item
  • nw1007 After the Fall- Ganymede
  • nw1008 Lexicon Sampler #4
  • nw1009 Another Coin in the Daydream Machine –Gary Flanagan
  • nw1010 Electricity- An Electropop Sampler - Various
  • nw1011 no item
  • nw1012 Neon Rain MCD - Ganymede
  • nw1013 Euromantique - Ganymede
  • nw1014 Pop Robot (Expanded Edition) – Empire State Human
  • nw1015 Falling EP -Ganymede
  • nw1016 WXJL Presents - Various
  • NW1017 Living in Neon - Spray
  • nw1018 Nobody's Diary – Tribute to Yaz - Various
  • Nw1019 Alpha & Omega – Empire State Human
  • NW1020 Immortal Game –Symbion Project (sleeve says “nw10018-2”)
  • nw1021 MCD - Sleepless - Raindancer
  • nw1022 ESH Boxset "Empire State Human (limited Amazon bunching of three CDs)
  • nw1023 Up Here for Thinking Down There for Dancing - Macondo
  • nw1024 Electricity Vol II - Various
  • nw1025 wxjl II - Various
  • nw1026 Urbanism – Empire State Human (online only?)
  • NW1027 Clockworks, Juliet – Alan Replica
  • nw1028 I Am Gothic Remix Project MCD- Spray
  • NW1029 Liquid Blue EP – Empire State Human
  • nw10030 WXJL III - Various
  • nw10031 The Peoples – The Peoples
  • nw10032 Astromill - Astromill
  • NW10033 Before After- Heaven 17
  • Nw10034 Sweet Gossip TV - The Gentry
  • nw10035 Pushing the Future 2 - Various
  • nw10036 Bubblewrapped - Electroluvs
  • nw10037 Children of a Laser God – Spray (not yet released?)
  • nw10038 Run With Us MCD- Spray
  • NW10039 Nightshade MCD – Melody & Mezzo
  • NW 10040 Hands up to Heaven DJ Remixes MCD – Heaven 17
  • NW 10041 Impossible MCD – The Garland Cult
  • NW10042 Hands up Tribal Mixes –Heaven 17 (Online only)
  • NW10043 “Synching for England” – Spray (online only)
  • NW10044 Without This Can Never Change - Space March (Online only)
  • NW10045 "A New Surprise" -White Town (online single)
  • NW10046 Simulacra – Alan Replica
  • NW10046 The Modern LP – The Matinee club [2008] duplicate catalog # use
  • NW10047 EIII – Various [digital, online, only]
  • NW10048 Moonlight shadow – Melody & Mezzo [unreleased]
  • NW10049 Protect Yourself From Hollywood – the Garland Cult
  • NW10050 New Man -Sonic Hub fea. Martin Fry of ABC
  • NW10051 Interrobang – Ric Autobahn [digital, online, only]
  • NW10052 “I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me”DJ single – Heaven 17
  • NW10053 With Out This You Can Never Change - Space March (CD, Online)
  • NW10054 Down There for Dancing – Macondo [digital, online, only]
  • NW10055 Digital City Single - Empire State Human [digital, online, only]
  • NW10056 Terra Incognito- Empire State Human [digital, online, only]
  • NW10057 Back To Square One - NASA[digital, online, only]
  • NW10058 Nexterday Single -NASA[digital, online, only]
  • NW10059 Talking With Aliens Bronski Mixes –The Garland Cult [digital, online, only]
  • NW10060 The Mixes Vol. One - Qubiq
  • NW10061 Popularity? [best of] Empire State Human [digital, online, only]
  • NW10062 Rarity? Empire State Human [2008 release] [digital, online, only]
  • NW10063 Music for Humans Empire State Human [digital, online, only]
  • NW10064 Smash Hits - Various
  • NW10065 He Came With the Sleigh [single – limited to 100 copies] – Spray
  • NW10066 Children of a Laser God 2-CD set - Spray


The CD Electricity contains a song by the band Subversion, who counted among their members Brandon Flowers, currently of The Killers.

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