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In Sumerian religion, Ninti or Nin-ti[1] (Sumerian: 𒊩𒌆𒋾) is one of the eight goddesses of healing who was created by Ninhursag to heal Enki’s body. Her specific healing area was the rib.[2] (Sumerian ti means both 'rib' and 'to make live'.[1]) Enki had eaten forbidden plants and was then cursed by Ninhursag, who was later persuaded by the other gods to heal him. Some scholars suggest that this served as the basis for the story of Eve created from Adam's rib in the Book of Genesis.[3] [4]

In popular culture[edit]

The System of a Down song "Darts" from their debut eponymous album features the lyric "Arise as did the gods Ninti, arise as did the gods Ninti..."[third-party source needed]


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