Nipon Goswami

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Nipon Goswami
Born Kolibari, Tezpur, Assam
Occupation Actor
Children Siddharth Goswami

Nipon Goswami (Assamese: নিপন গোস্বামী) is an Assamese film actor and theatre artist.[1][2] He is one of the veteran actors of Assamese Film Industry. He started his acting career as a stage actor later he established himself as film actor.

Personal details[edit]

He was born in September, 1947 at Kolibari in Tezpur, Assam.[1][2] His father Chandradhar Goswami was a famous actor and his mother Nirupama Goswami was a singer. He did his primary schooling from Kolibari LP School. After that he moved to Tezpur Govt. HS School.

Acting Career[edit]

After completed hi B.A. he went Calcutta for the interview in Pune Film Institute. In 1965, he went to Pune for his acting training. Subhash Ghai, Navin Nischol, Shatrughan Sinha etc. were his classmates.


He debuted in the Assamese film industry as a child artist in a movie Piyali Phukan, directed by Phani Sarma in 1957. As a lead actor, Sangram was his first Assamese film and a hit movie. His next movie Dr. Bezbaruah released in 1969 brought him recognition as a star to act in many movies in coming years. He also acted in few Hindi movies as a character actor.[1][2]

He has been actively involved in mobile theatres, notably, Abaahan, Kohinoor, Hengul, and Shakuntala. He also appeared in few TV serials like Writu aahe writu jaai'.[1][2]


  • Sangram.
  • Dr. Bezbarua.
  • Mukuta.
  • Maanab Aru Daanab.
  • Morisika.
  • Abhijaan.
  • Santaan.
  • Aashray.
  • Meghamukti.
  • Duranir Rang.
  • Aajoli Nobou.
  • Man aru Maram.
  • Aparupa.
  • Ghar Sansar.
  • Kakadeuta Naati Aru Haati.
  • Nayanmani.
  • Jiban Surabhi.
  • Bahagar Duporia.
  • Shakuntala Aru Sankar Joseph Ali.
  • Aarati.
  • Pratidaan.
  • Siraaj.
  • Aai Mor Janame Janame.
  • Bukur Majot Jowle.
  • Deutar Biya.
  • Baibhav.
  • Jon Jale Kapalat.
  • Jugantoror Tejal Puwa.
  • Priya O Priya
  • Prem Aru Prem.
  • Kakadeutar Ghar Jowai.
  • Mitha Mitha Logonot
  • Kadambari.
  • Sandhya Raag
  • Hiya Diya Niya
  • Antaheen Jatra
  • Jeevan Baator Logori
  • Pole Pole Ure Mon
  • Borolar Ghor (2012)
  • Mahasamar (2013)




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