Nippleus Erectus

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Nippleus Erectus
Birth name Rob Mosby
Genres Punk rock, shock rock
Occupation(s) Drummer
Years active 1987–1989
Labels Metal Blade Records
DRT Entertainment
Slave Pit Inc.
Associated acts Gwar
White Cross
Website Gwar official site

Nippleus Erectus was a drummer of Gwar (played by former White Cross member Rob Mosby), who did all the drumming for Hell-O. He is also credited for the drums on Scumdogs of the Universe, though it was Jizmak Da Gusha who played them. When Jizmak signs the Scumdogs album, he is known to cross out the picture of Nippleus as well.

Fate In Gwar Lore[edit]

Erectus was replaced by Da Gusha after the former dissolved in hydrochloric acid. He tried to bathe in it, thinking it would cause hallucinations similar to LSD.

Gwar lore alternately states that Erectus drank a gallon of bleach, believing it to be "Liquid Crack", thus causing himself to dissolve from within.