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Nippon Camera (日本カメラ Nippon kamera?)[1] is a Japanese photography magazine, published since 1950.

Nippon Camera started in March 1950 as a bimonthly magazine, published by Kōgeisha (Tokyo) as the successor to the book series Amachua Shashin Sōsho (1948–49). It became a monthly magazine from July 1951.[2][3]

The magazine is now (2012) published (in Tokyo) by Nippon Camera-sha, which also publishes an annual, Shashin Nenkan (写真年鑑) and other photography-related books.[4]

Since the demise of Camera Mainichi, the sole rival of Nippon Camera as a photography magazine attempting to cater to all interests has been Asahi Camera.


  1. ^ While 日本 can be read as either "Nippon" or (more commonly) "Nihon", the front covers of newer issues of the magazine are clearly labeled "Nippon Camera" in Roman script in addition to the Japanese script. However, early issues lack this clarification on the front, and clearly announce "Nihon Camera" in Roman script on the back cover. (The February 1953 issue is an example.)
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