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Broadcast areaKanto region
BrandingBunka Hōsō AM 1134 (文化放送 AM 1134, Bunka Hōsō AM ichi ichi san yon, "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting AM 1134 kHz")
SloganRediscover Your Connection with Nippon Cultural Broadcasting (あなたとつながる 再発見 文化放送, Anata to tsunagaru saihakken Bunka Hōsō)
Frequency1134 kHz (AM); 91.6 MHz (FM)
First air dateMarch 31, 1952
FormatTalk, Sports, Religious
Power100,000 watts
OwnerSociety of St. Paul
Dai Nippon Printing
Toei Company
Ie no Hikari

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc. (株式会社文化放送, Kabushiki-gaisha Bunka Hōsō, JOQR, QR or simply Cultural Broadcasting) is a Japanese radio station in Tokyo which broadcasts to the Kanto area. It is one of the two flagship radio stations of National Radio Network (NRN) (the other station is Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. (株式会社ニッポン放送)) and is a member of the Fujisankei Communications Group.

The station was established in 1951 by the Society of St. Paul to promote Catholic religion on the Japanese culture. JOQR went on the air on March 31, 1952 as the Japan Cultural Broadcasting Association. Japan Cultural Broadcasting Association was formally dissolved on February 16, 1956 and the JOQR broadcast license was handed over the same day to a new succeeding company, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

In 1957, Cultural Broadcasting established Fuji Television as part of a joint venture with Nippon Broadcasting System. Cultural Broadcasting was one of the founding companies behind the creation of the Fujisankei Communications Group in 1967. To this day, Cultural Broadcasting remains associated with the Fujisankei Communications Group and has a 3.30% ownership in Fuji Media Holdings, the company it helped established with Nippon Broadcasting System in 1957 as Fuji Television.

JOQR moved the head office from Wakaba, Shinjuku to QR Media Plus in Hamamatsuchō, Minato on July 24, 2006, and started broadcasting from Hamamatsuchō at 13:00 on the same day.

Society of St. Paul holds 30 percent of the station's shares, followed by Shogakukan (17.1%), Kodansha (9.0%) and Dai Nippon Printing (8.5%).


It is headquartered at QR Media Plus - 31, Hamamatsuchō 1-chōme, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.



Its history of transmitter frequencies is: 1310 kHz (March 31, 1952-August 14, 1953);
1130 kHz (August 15, 1953-November 22, 1978)→
1134 kHz (November 23, 1978-; AM);
91.6  MHz (December 7, 2015; FM).
Its transmitter power was:
10 kW (March 31, 1952-March 30, 1954) →
50 kW (March 31, 1954-November 1971) →
100 kW (November 1971-present).
Its transmitter times are:
from 5:00 AM every Monday until 2:00 AM (26:00) every Sunday night.


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Coordinates: 35°39′25″N 139°45′26″E / 35.656912°N 139.757162°E / 35.656912; 139.757162