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Jomo logo designed by Saul Bass in 1994

Japan Energy Corporation (株式会社ジャパンエナジー, Kabushiki-gaisha Japan Enajī) was a Japanese petroleum company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Mining Holdings (新日鉱ホールディングス株式会社, Shin-Nikkō Hōrudingsu Kabushiki-gaisha). The petroleum products of Japan Energy Corporation were sold by filling stations under the brand name JOMO.

The predecessor to Japan Energy was first established in 1905 as a mining company, which expanded into oil exploration in 1914. After numerous mergers and reorganizations, in 1992 the company established a separate company for its mining business called Nippon Mining & Metals, and the remaining oil company renamed itself to Japan Energy Corporation. In 2002, both companies established Nippon Mining Holdings as its holding company.[1] In 2010, Nippon Mining merged with Nippon Oil to become JX Holdings, and the petroleum assets of both Japan Energy and Nippon Oil were reorganized into two companies, JX Nippon Oil & Energy and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration.[2]

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