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Nippon News Network
Type Broadcast television network
Country Japan
Founded April 1, 1966
Owner NTV
Callsign meaning
Nippon News Network
Official website
NNN Official Website

Nippon News Network (NNN) is a commercial television news network in Japan. The network is owned by Nippon Television, which itself is controlled by publishing company Yomiuri Shimbun. NNN operates a 24-hour news channel, NTV News24, and its programming is aired on NTV stations.

Nippon News Network stations[edit]

Abbr. Broadcasting station Call sign Broadcasting area (Prefectures)
NTV Nihon TV / 日本テレビ JOAX-DTV Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, and Tochigi
ytv Yomiuri TV / 読売テレビ JOIX-DTV Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama
CTV Chukyo TV / 中京テレビ JOCH-DTV Aichi, Gifu, and Mie
ABS Akita Hoso / 秋田放送 JOTR-DTV Akita
RAB Aomori Hoso / 青森放送 JOGR-DTV Aomori
RNB Nankai Hoso / 南海放送 JOAF-DTV Ehime
FBC Fukui Hoso / 福井放送 JOPR-DTV Fukui
FBS Fukuoka Hoso / 福岡放送 JOFH-DTV Fukuoka and Saga
FCT Fukushima Chuo TV / 福島中央テレビ JOVI-DTV Fukushima
HTV Hiroshima TV / 広島テレビ JONX-DTV Hiroshima
STV Sapporo TV / 札幌テレビ JOKX-DTV Hokkaidō
KTK TV Kanazawa / テレビ金沢 JOWX-DTV Ishikawa
TVI TV Iwate / テレビ岩手 JOII-DTV Iwate
RNC Nishinippon Hoso / 西日本放送 JOKF-DTV Kagawa and Okayama
KYT Kagoshima Yomiuri TV / 鹿児島読売テレビ JOUI-DTV Kagoshima and Okinawa
RKC Kochi Hoso / 高知放送 JOZR-DTV Kōchi
KKT Kumamoto Kenmin TV / くまもと県民テレビ JOQI-DTV Kumamoto
MMT Miyagi TV / ミヤギテレビ JOMM-DTV Miyagi
UMK TV Miyazaki / テレビ宮崎 JODI-DTV Miyazaki (shared with ANN and FNN)
TSB TV Shinshu / テレビ信州 JONI-DTV Nagano
NIB Nagasaki Kokusai TV / 長崎国際テレビ JOXH-DTV Nagasaki
TeNY TV Niigata / テレビ新潟 JOPI-DTV Niigata
TOS TV Oita / テレビ大分 JOOI-DTV Oita
NKT Nihonkai TV / 日本海テレビ JOJX-DTV Shimane and Tottori
SDT Shizuoka Daiichi TV / 静岡第一テレビ JOSX-DTV Shizuoka
JRT Shikoku Hoso / 四国放送 JOJR-DTV Tokushima
KNB Kitanihon Hoso / 北日本放送 JOLR-DTV Toyama
YBC Yamagata Hoso / 山形放送 JOEF-DTV Yamagata
KRY Yamaguchi Hoso / 山口放送 JOPF-DTV Yamaguchi
YBS Yamanashi Hoso / 山梨放送 JOJF-DTV Yamanashi
BS-4 BS Nittere / BS日テレ -- Nationwide (Broadcasting Satellite)

Former stations[edit]

Abbreviation Broadcasting station Call sign Notes
NST NST / 新潟総合テレビ JONH-TV Initially a triple affiliate of NET (TV Asahi), Fuji TV and Nippon Television. It was affiliated to the network until 1981, when TeNY started broadcasting, taking over NTV's schedule from NST, causing it to become a primary affiliate of Fuji TV. TV Asahi programming remained on the station until 1983, when NT21 (now UX) launched.
NBN NBN / 名古屋テレビ放送 JOLK-DTV Was affiliated to NTV prior to NNN's creation. Switched to ANN full-time in 1973 owing to a conflict with Chukyo TV.
SATV SATV / 静岡朝日テレビ JOSI-DTV Was secondarily affiliated with NNN/NNS from July 1, 1978 to June 30, 1979. The following day, Shizuoka Daiichi Television took over NNN's programming and SATV became a sole affiliate of TV Asahi.
OX Akita Hoso / 秋田放送 JOOX-TV Established as an affiliate of Nippon Television, Nihon Educational Television and Fuji TV, joining their respective general and news networks later on. Four years after joining NNN, Miyagi Television took NNN's programming from OX, causing it to become a primary affiliate of Fuji TV. TV Asahi programming moved to KHB when it launched in 1975.
KTN KTN / テレビ長崎 JOWH-DTV Was affiliated with NNN from April 1, 1969 to September 30th, 1990. Became a sole FNN/FNS station when NIB started broadcasting, taking NNN programming from KTN.
TKU TV Kumamoto / テレビ熊本 JOZH-DTV Was affiliated to NNN from April 1, 1969 to March 31, 1982. Became a sole affiliate of Fuji TV while NNN programming moved to the newly created KKT.
KTS KTS / 鹿児島テレビ放送 JOKH-DTV Was affiliated to NNN from April 1, 1969 to March 31, 1994. Became a sole affiliate of Fuji TV in 1994, moving NNN programming to the newly created KYT.

◆ = former primary affiliate

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