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Nir Baram (Hebrew: ניר ברעם; born June 2, 1976 in Jerusalem) is an Israeli author. Baram studied literature in Tel Aviv University and was an editor in Am Oved publishing house. His novels, The Remaker of Dreams (2006) and Good People (2010), were short listed for Israel's Sapir Prize for Literature. Good people was translated into 10 languages and in 2010 Baram won the Prime Minister's Award for Hebrew literature and was short listed for the Rome Prize for literature (Premio Roma). His new novel World Shadow, published on August 2013, was a bestseller and attracted many responses inside the literary world and outside of it. Baram writes for Haaretz and other newspapers and is known for his political opinions. In the summer of 2006 he was one of the leaders of the young poets and authors who called for the cease-fire in the 2006 Lebanon War and in 2010 he gave a political and controversial speech in the opening of the 2nd International Writers Festival in Jerusalem.

His father and grandfather are the Israeli politicians Uzi and Moshe Baram.


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