Nir Yaniv

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Nir Yaniv
Born 1972 (age 44–45)
Jerusalem, Israel
Occupation Author, editor, musician
Nationality Israeli
Genre Science fiction

Nir Yaniv (Hebrew: ניר יניב‎‎) is an Israeli musician, author and editor. In 2000 he founded the webzine of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and was its chief editor for seven years. In 2007 he became chief editor of Chalomot Be'aspamia, Israel's only professional printed SF&F magazine.


  • Ktov Ke'shed Mi'shachat (One Hell of a Writer). Israel: Odyssey Press, 2006. A short story collection.
  • Retzach Bidyoni (Fictional Murder). Israel: Odyssey Press, 2009. A short-novel collaboration with Lavie Tidhar.
  • The Tel Aviv Dossier. Canada: ChiZine Publications, 2009. A short-novel collaboration with Lavie Tidhar.
  • The Love Machine & Other Contraptions. UK: Infinity Plus Books, 2012. A short story collection.


  • The Universe in a Pita: a Hebrew science fiction rock album.
  • Funkapella: a concept-album using vocals and drums only, with no other instruments.
  • Happiness is Real: a live dance and music performance with choreographer and dancer Ilanit Tadmor.

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