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Directed by Ranjith Bajpe
Produced by Shodhan Prasad
Written by Karthik Gowda
Starring Anoop Sagar
Varuna Shetty
Deepthi Salian
Deepak Paladka
Sachin Padil
Rajendra Pai
Music by Abhishek S N
Edited by Ashwath Samuel
Release dates
  • 7 March 2014 (2014-03-07)[1]
  • 14 February 2014 (2014-02-14)[2]
Language Tulu
Budget 1.75 crores

Nirel (English: Shadow) is a Tulu film directed by Ranjith Bajpe and produced jointly by Shodhan Prasad and San Poojary, starring Anoop Sagar, Varuna Shetty, Deepthi, Sachin Padil, Deepak Paladka in the lead roles. This will be the first film produced overseas and planned to shoot completely in Gulf Region. The film is based on the Kannada Script "Nadu Naduve" by Karthik Gowda and later converted to Tulu by Ranjith Bajpe. Karthik Gowda also wrote the screenplay for the movie, and dialogues written by Ranjith Bajpe. Music for the movie album will be directed by Abhishek S. N, a software engineer by profession from Bangalore. Cast for the movie was totally selected[3] by an audition at Fortune Grand Hotel Dubai.[4] The people behind "Nirel" is a group of four friends, San Poojary, Ranjith Bajpe, Rajneesh Amin and Sachin Padil.


The film revolves around 3 main characters played by Anoop Sagar as Sachin, Varuna as Rashmi & Deepthi as Shweta. Anoop is an engineer by profession but wants to be a film hero by passion. Varuna is an to-day independent girl and works as a banker for one of the banking organizations of Dubai. Deepthi plays a family friend to Anoop Sagar. The film deals about how the trio are linked, what happens when ambition, passions, likes, dislikes, over reactive nature comes ahead of relationships and other things. Told with a comical touch, the film then divulges to an emotional yet romantic tale.



  • Producer : Shodhan Prasad
  • Co Producer & Executive Producer : San Poojary
  • Director : Ranjith Bajpe
  • Story : Karthik R Gowda
  • Screenplay : Karthik R Gowda
  • Dialogues : Ranjith Bajpe
  • Music: Abhishek SN
  • Art Director : Rajneesh Amin
  • Production Executive : Sachin Padil
  • Editor : Ashwath Samuel
  • DOP : Mani Kookal Nair
  • Lyrics : Loku Kudla, Rajneesh Amin
  • Assistants : Sachin Padil, Neha Bangera, Ramya Rajneesh
  • Stunts : Mufaz
  • Publicity Design : Devi Rai
  • Publicity Stills : Alfred D Souza, Vivek Radhakrishna, Suchith Narayan
  • Stills : Deepak D Silva, Rithesh Shetty


A team of 4 young guys, San Poojary, Ranjith Bajpe, Rajneesh Amin and Sachin Padil came together and planned to produce a youth oriented Tulu movie with fresh concept. They approached Shodhan Prasad and he agreed to produce the movie under Sandhya Creations. Movie name was launched at Tulu Parba 2012, a Tulu Cultural fest in Dubai, UAE by B. R. Shetty[7][8][9] Muhurtha of the movie was done on 24-10-2012 at producers residence by Mr. Sarvotham Shetty.[8][10] [11] In May, Sandalwood Actor Ramesh Aravind acted in a guest role for Nirel.[12][13]


The music of the film was composed by Abhishek S.N a software engineer by profession from Bangalore and music arranged by Swapnil H Digde, Sameer Mhatre And Aditya Kudalkar. Singers for the movie is also selected from the audition. Akshatha Rao, Pramod Kumar and Shiv Kumar among the singers selected. Music director Abhishek S. N also singing the romantic song for the movie.

Media Articles[edit]

List of media articles about "Nirel"

  • Daijiworld Exclusive Interview of Ranjith Bajpe-Director of the movie.[14]
  • article - Shooting for Tulu Movie Nirel in full swing[15]


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