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Nirjan Saikate (Bengali: নির্জন সৈকতে) (English subtitle: The Desolate Beach) is a Bengali film directed by Tapan Sinha. It was released in 1963. This movie is an adaptation of the novel with the same name by eminent Bengali writer Samaresh Basu, who wrote this travelogue under his pen name 'Kalkut'.


The writer is himself the protagonist. He is on his way to Puri by train where he gets acquinted with a group of 4 Bengali widows accompanying their niece, also going to Puri. The writer was going to just get out of his day to day Kolkata life whereas these ladies were actually going to calm down their niece who had just suffered a breakup with her lover. The rest of the story revolves around these people and their attraction and involvement with the writer. The writer is amused with them and for his part tries to calm the girl. The story guides us around the different relationships the writer develops with each of the character he meets. The movie tries to show the social taboos for widows and teaches the philosophy that life is ahead of us and not behind. There is a pretty good description of Puri, Konark and Rambha. At the time this movie was shot it was possible for Tapan Sinha to shoot inside the Konark sun temple, also the bullock cart way to Konark is an extra for the viewer.




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